Frame Arms Girl - Architect Gun Metallic Ver. (Plastic model kit)

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フレームアームズ・ガール アーキテクト Gun Metallic Ver. プラモデル 

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About this item

Series Title: Frame Arms Girl
Character Name: Architect
Product Line:  Frame Arms Girl
Size: 150mm (non-scale)
Jan Code: 4934054108541
Store code: KT1808002
Material: PS & ABS


  • Original import from Japan

Sculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu

The latest work of “Frame Arms Girl”, the spin-off series of Kotobukiya’s original robot contents “Frame Arms, is Architect Gun Metallic Ver.!

Based on the Frame Arms “Architect” designed by Takayuki Yanase, it has been turned into a Bishoujo character by Humikane Shimada!
This time, “Architect” is releasing in a different color.

Product features:
-Hair part is molded using clear parts and is translucent. It comes in 2 color variations; red and green.
-Mold color has been changed to purple & gun metallic color.
-Same shoulder pulling-out style joint that is used in “Frame Arms Girl Innocentia” has been added.
-It includes newly made knee joint parts that can connect the shins of Frame Arms “Architect”.
-It includes 3 types of pre-painted expression parts; front looking face, illustration based right looking face, shy left looking face.
-Expression parts are pre-painted and finished look can be more or less achieved even without paint job.
-It includes elbow joint parts that can be connect the forearms of Frame Arms “Architect”.
-It includes 3mm joint parts for forearm part. Also, knee features 3mm diameter big peg attachable attachments on both sides.
-It includes 5 types of PVC made hand parts. Hand parts can be exchanged with other existing Frame Arms Girls series products.
-It includes left arm and left leg parts to recreate image illustration. (Knee and elbow joints not articulated)
-It includes decals for eyes and such.
-Skirt is articulated and leg part can be posed in wide range.
-The connecting part of set included base is articulated, and it can be moved up or down.
-Other released armors from M.S.G. series and Frame Arms series can be attached onto 3mm diameter holes present on back, waist, thigh and such places.
-Heel is articulated for better stability on the ground.

Copyright : KOTOBUKIYA


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