Megami Device x Alice Gear Aegis – Ayaka Ichijou (A4) Plastic Model



メガミデバイス × アリス・ギア・アイギス 一条綾香 プラモデル

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Series Title: Alice Gear Aegis
Character Name: Ayaka Ichijou
Product Line:  Megami Device
Size: Approx. H145mm *including the base (non-scale)
Jan Code: 4934054008957
Store code: KT2010001
Material: PS & ABS

  • Original import from Japan

-Plastic model set

Sculptor: Masaki Apsy, Hatioto, Unitec, Shuichi Kanoshima

Plastic model of overconfident Tsundere lady “Ayaka Ichijo” with Megami device specifications!

-In addition, that gives you items that can be used in the game as enclosed benefits!
-Character and gear design by Fumikane Shimada!

-Ayaka Ichijo uses a short body that is even lower than Shitara Kaneshiya, which was released earlier.
-Even with the same short stature, Aikawa Aika features subtle lines that are slightly different from those on the waist and sunglasses.
-In addition to dual, one-handed swords, various gears, and large SPs, a familiar is included as a bonus part!

-“Megami Device” is a pre-assembled plastic model series that you can enjoy by attaching weapons and armor to the movable beautiful girl body.
-The body adopts `Mashinika` by Maki Asai.
-At the moment, it will be the second shortest machinika after Aika Aikawa.

-Comes with a special gift code for Ayaka Ichijo (* Details are undecided.)
-Comes with 3 painted face parts.
-In addition to various special gears, a powerful SP technique `Noblesse Oblige` is included, so you can play assuming various combat scenes.
- equipped with special gears and without gears can be reproduced by replacing parts.
-A familiar is included on the home screen in the game, so you can play with not only Ayaka Ichijo but also other Actress plastic models.
-A thruster effect for the flying pose and a muzzle flash effect for the shooting pose are included as clear parts.
-3mm diameter holes located in each part can be used with existing MSG series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series, Hexa gear series weapons.
-Comes with decals such as eyes and markings.


Copyright : KOTOBUKIYA・RAMPAGE (C)Masaki Apsy
(C)Pyramid,Inc. / COLOPL,Inc.


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