Greetings and salutations, survivors! As you all know, I’m not a big fan or watcher of anime, so this series was completely under my radar- let alone a blip. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a trailer on Netflix ad for a Japanese-zombie-apocalypse movie, and to my surprise it was based on an anime that was premiering that same week. So, out of curiosity, I gave the first episode a try, and it won me over. 

Zom100 Banner

This anime I speak of is none other than Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, based on the manga of the same by Haro Aso, also famous for his work on Alice in Boderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice). Like the title implies, this seinen series involves the zombie apocalypse and the eventual crumbling of human civilization. The last zombie-themed anime I’ve watched was Daisuke Sato’s Highschool of the Dead (HotD) which mixed the bloody gore, guns, and fanservice to attract its audience set to a world in decline. Zom 100’s first episode does the same (minus the guns and overt fanservice) with slick action, blood splattering gore wish dash of color, and theme of dark comedy and existential dread.

As for the plot of Zom 100, we follow the life of Akira Tendo, a fresh-faced graduate who enters the Japanese work force who slowly learns the dark truths of the of the life as salaryman and its toxic-work culture. We fast forward to three years later, Akira now dreads his daily routine of continues work and loses the will to live anymore- almost to the point of suicide, which he often contemplates after joining. To his surprise, on the day he finally deicides to end his life, the world is in the midst of a zombie catastrophe- it took the end of the world for Akira to truly appreciate life. Now with a new found, he writes a bucket list of the things he wishes to do before being killed and turned into a zombie.

One of the first things our dear Akira does is to find his coworker and office, Ohtori, in hopes of confessing his feelings towards her and that the two may be together during the apocalypse- yeah, does dreams are dash as she’s already turned into a walker, but at least said what he needed to say and got a peek at her boobs (noice). Back to bucket list, the list itself starts out rather mundane like cleaning your room, drink beer during the day, grow his beard- the typical stuff you’re unable to do working in an office. You can take a look at the list for yourself here.

While it might seem like it at first, but Zom 100’s approach to the zombie-survival genre is rather different. What I mean by this is that the anime doesn’t focus on the doom and gloom typically associated with the genre of facing an untimely death at the jaws of the undead. Zom 100 questions whether we’re already a slave to our work and daily routine to appoint- for a lack of a better word; a zombie.

Well, I for one am very pleased with the first 2-episodes of this series and look forward to finishing it. An anime packed with elements fun and action mixed with the more lighthearted moments, viewers might find some enjoyment to be had here if you’re willing to give it a try. If you’re curious yourself, Muse Asia will be streaming the episodes weekly on their YouTube channel for free. 

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