Greetings all! As we’ve already made a list for our waifus, and for the sake of gender equality, it is only fair to make a list for anime’s beloved husbandos (and to those that are overlooked). Many anime enthusiasts have at some point imagined themselves partnered up with an anime character of their dreams. Today we pay tribute to that.

But first, a little refresher in case you’ve forgotten when is a husband. The word husband (ハズバンド) is term used by the anime community to describe male characters that they are attracted to. Not only confined to just anime and man, but other medias like Korean manhwa, webtoons and video games.

The concept of waifus and husbandos have long existed before the wide-spread popularity of anime in recent years, but gained increased traction to the availability of the internet and internet culture. As taste is subjective, the most common characteristics of husbandos are their handsome facial features, cool personality, and even bravery.

Best: Takumi Usui, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama


Takumi Usui may come off as a teasing player at the start of series through Misaki’s eyes, but this later changes as the series goes on. This is due to the fact that he’s simply not interested in most of the girls who confess to him, thus giving him the reputation of being a player.

Despite being the kind of guy who could land any girl, once he sets his sights on series heroine Misaki, he’s completely and utterly devoted. One who is fiercely loyal, incredibly caring, and doesn’t hesitate to shield his partner with his own body in order to keep her safe.

Underrated: Ryuuji Takasu, Toradora!


Ryuuji Takasu from Toradora! Doesn’t normally fit the description of your typical husband based on looks, as he does have a scary one- but underneath that lies a heart of pure gold. From the very start of the series, he stops at nothing to ensure taiga is well-fed and cared for, even if she tries to push him away at first out of fear of being close to someone else.

In the series, he’s shown to think about the person he likes constantly, writing her love letters and making mixtapes that he thinks the two would enjoy together. Not only that, but he actually loves cooking and cleaning- doing everyday chores is joy for this guy.

Best: Sebastian Michaelis, Black Butler

Black Butler 1

Ever since Black Butler aired, Sebastian Michaelis has been near or at the top of most fans’ list of top tier husbandos- for good reason. For one, the thought of having a demon butlet bound to one’s soul who can’t lie or betray you can be very appealing.

It is no secret to Sebastian’s popularity; he is a very attractive man/demon. A trait he actually uses to his advantage in Book of Circus to seduce one of the performers. On top of that, he executes any commands given to him with absolute perfection and never seems to mind. Having someone who can cook, clean, and get virtually anything done is very appealing to many.

Underrated: William T. Spears, Black Butler

Black Butler 2

Also, from Black Butler, we have William. When people think of this series, characters like Sebastian, Grell, or even the Undertaker, however William is a character fans often overlook. He’s a tall, dark, and mysterious reaper partnered with Grell throughout the series.

A quiet and reserved man, making him pretty easy for most fans to dismiss him easily. However, his cold, no-nonsense attitude is perfect for fans who prefer a more serious husband. He has an air of class and sophistication about him when compared to some of the characters in the series, and his glasses give him an extra boost for those with a megane fetish.

Best: Tamaki Suoh, Ouran High School Host Club

Host Club

Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club starts out in the series as a narcissistic and shallow, but much like Takumi Usui, this is merely how he appears on the surface. In reality though, he is a hyper-empathetic sweetheart who helps other, especially the member of the Host Club.

This high schooler may sweet-talk the ladies during his hosting activities, but does so because he genuinely wants to make his patrons happy and to see them smile- more than just to flirt. On top of that, he’s also handsome as well as rich, an extremely gifted piano player who has the ability to touch the hearts of others with his music.

Underrated: Takeo Gouda, My Love Story!!

Love Story

My Love Story!!’s Takeo Gouda isn’t what you’d consider the husbnado type (or one people usually look for) He’s the complete opposite of your regular husbanbdo when it comes to looks. Particularly large, muscular, and quite intimidating at first glance. While his appearance isn’t that of convetional beauty of most husbandos, Takeo’s inner beauty makes him one worthy of love.

Kind, friendly and extreme loyal to those he loves. A majority of fans outright dismiss him due to his looks, but once you’ve watched the anime, you’ll see that Takeo is of the sweetest giants in anime.

Loid Forger, Spy X Family


Loid Forger, an alias used by the spy with the codename: Twilight, spy who must form a fake family in order to covertly complete his mission. Loid, becomes the father figure in to his adoptive daughter Anya, and “husband” to Yor, is a beloved character in the series. While he can be seen cold and indifferent as his primary objective is to complete the mission, Loid has many qualities that make him a good father and husband. Especially, patients to Anya’s antics, willing to help her in her academics, or with Yor’s often disastrous cooking

Underrated: Vegeta, Dragon Ball Z

One of the original baddies in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, has become one of the franchises’ popular characters (rivaling that of Goku). One apart of the Frieza Force, baddies who invade planets and selling them off to bidders- now has reformed and has become of the Z Fighters protecting Earth.

Often being called a tsundere by the fandom, Vegeta has won the hearts of many with his coolness, and much of a polar opposite he is to Goku. Not just that, this prince has won the heart of series’ long-time heroine, Bulma, even as far to marry her out of love! Besides that, he’s proven to be a loving and caring husband and father to Bulma and Trunks- even if he doesn’t show it.

Best: Levi Ackerman, Attack on Titan

Those Eyes

Attack on Titan’s Levi Ackerman has cemented himself as anime’s biggest heartthrob in the eyes of the fandom since the series premiered. His attitude as a kuudere has largely contributed to his appeal to audiences. Those icy stares, at-times condescending personality, and skills as a soldier adds to his cool factor.

Of the majority of “best” husbandos on this list, Levi looks do fall on the non-conventional category of anime heroes, and this makes him standout. Him being short has never dissuage any from falling for him, combined that with his constant scowl on his face adds that to his uniqueness for many fans.

Underrated: Kittan Bachika, Gurren Lagann

Mah Man!

Gurren Lagann is an anime that doesn’t suffer the of any interesting characters and eye candy when choosing their preferred waifu or husbando. Most fans tend to gravitate towards Kamina, Simon, or Viral- even Rossiu! However, Kittan Bachika (arguably) is the series’ best, despite being over looked time and time again in favor of others.

Since his introduction in the series, Kittan has always been the unsung hero, overshadowed by the likes of Kamina, and has had his affection rejected by Yoko constantly. While often left out and made the butt of the joke, Kittan is just as heroic as any member of Team Dai-Gurren, even more so with his sacrifice near the finale of the series. Kittan is a hero to underdogs everywhere.

Well, there you have it, five of the best and five of the most underrated husbandos ranked by us here. This list is entirely arbitrary and shouldn’t be taken too seriously and just for fun. If you’re husbando isn’t on this list, do let us know what’s your favorite. Till next time, take care dear reader!

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