Greetings and salutations, dear reader, we are back with another post, and today we’re gonna be taking a deep dive at Malaysia’s anime convention scene that’s available all year round. Also, besides anime, there are conventions that you may not even know of beyond two of Malaysia’s popular anime cons; Comic Fiesta and Animangaki. 

Okay, so, I thinks its only fair that we put these two out first, that being Comic Fiesta and Animangaki. Two of the most frequent conventions here in good ol’ Malaysia. Comic Fiesta often attracting crowds from all over the nation and sorta’ve become a Mecca for lovers of anime, cosplay, merchandise. On the other hand, Animangaki is no slouch either, drawing an immense crowd since its inception.  

Founded in 2002, Comic Fiesta or CF for short, is Malaysia’s longest running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games (ACG). Their focus is to celebrate all aspects of art and creativity (and the ever popular ACG culture). Comic Fiesta is usually held in December at various locations, with the previous event held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. 

Comic Fiesta (CF)’s is an event held with the motto of “event by fans for fans”, and is also currently the first and the biggest non-profit ACG convention in Malaysia, organized by a group of volunteers to bring the comic convention experience to the Malaysian audience.

AniManGaki, one of the largest convention of its kind in Malaysia, is the brainchild of Sunway University Anime Club (SUAC)’s founder, Yvonne Sing Yee Wen. The annual convention made its debut in 2009, formed by fans, for fans; with the sole purpose of bringing together animation, comics, and gaming enthusiasts of all ages. Branded as “The Trendsetter”, AniManGaki continues to surprise visitors by bringing new contents to the event each year.

Alright boys and girls, since we’ve got those two outta they way, its now time we look at some of the conventions you’ve probably never heard of, or just completely forgot over the years. Some of these cons have existed for a long time now, while some are still new and fairly growing fan-base.

Otakyun! is an annual ACG (Anime, Comics & Games) convention, evolved from our past event, Anime Gathering (AG), organized by fans for fans. And thus, we are the AG Team, the organizing committee for Otakyun! convention. Our purpose is to bring together both Anime and non-Anime fans from all over Kuching, even the whole of Malaysia, to socialize and to share our passion and interests, namely, Anime (animation), Manga (comics), Cosplay (costume play) and its related sub-cultures.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

HobbyCon combines the best of pop culture from East and West, uniting the world of comics, anime, Japanese comic, toys and figurines as well as collectibles and games. The objective of this event is to gather hobbyists from around the region and act as a platform for young people to showcase their talent, passion and most importantly to share and spread their hobbies.

Visual Arts Expo (VAX) will be a two-day event, showcasing to the public the best and the cutting-edge in visual arts, which encompasses animation, comics, film, music and video games. On top of the expo, there will be a closed-door business-matching session, where exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors may interact with each other.

Debuting in 2012, COLLECTORS TOY FAIR Kuala Lumpur (CTFKL) came about because we simply felt there was a need for a dedicated “Collectors Toy Fair” for all the serious Collectors in Malaysia. This is a non profit, charity event. All entrance fees from the event will be donated to charity​.

Season 4 Otaku is an event that aim to spread the culture of ACG (Anime, Comics and Games) toward the community. By bringing all the creative artists together and organize unique activities, we hope to provide the best ACG experience to all our beloved community!

The Malaysia Hobby Expo is Malaysia’s well known hobby expo ever held in Malaysia. Taking inspiration from internationally lead exhibitions, the event endeavoured to secure the best possible and most suitable venue here in the Malaysia to host our own much needed trade and public hobby exhibition.

Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition or short C2AGE, is an initiative by HELP University to introduce the youth community to the amazing and enticing world of Japanese animation, American comics and those with a passion for gaming. HELP University is striving to promote the historically unique Japanese culture amongst our youth and is the first private institution of higher learning to initiate an ACG event of such proportion. HELP University’s aim is to host one of the biggest anime conventions in the Asia Pacific Region and HELP University would like to contribute to this increasing popularity. Besides promoting Japanese comics we are also striving to promote American comics by DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Penang Anime Matsuri, an indoor and outdoor anime event in the sunny island of Penang, Malaysia!​

Alright, so, these past two-years have been tough on all of us with all that’s been going on, but fret not as there seems to ray hope. Next week, from the 26th to 28th of November, TAGCC (Toys, Anime, Games Comic Con) will be making their return at Tropicana Gardens Mall in Petaling Jaya. Not just that, the Hobility Crew will be there as well as this will be our first con since CF 2019. So, if you’re free on those dates, feel free to drop by. We along with the organizers and other attendees are looking seeing you all there for the support.

Anyways, before I wrap this up, if any of you do decide to attend the event, please take the proper and necessary precautions, yeah. So with that, thank you all as always, stay safe, stay healthy, stay active- bye, y’all

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