Hello and salutations all, super robot fan rejoice! After the success of their Gurren Lagann, the good people at CCSTOYS are back with their latest offering, the Mazinger ZERO, a.k.a The Demon God of Demise, from manga Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Great General of Darkness!

We here at Hobility are doing pre-orders for this figure, and if you’re ever in the market for a Mazinger figure, we’ll make it happen for you.

The 10-inch tall action figure perfectly reproduces the muscular form and sinister atmosphere in the original manga. Gimmick design features a movable mouth grill, fully-movable fingers, and LED lighting-up effect in the eyes and chest heat sinks. With these gimmicks, this figurine can display all the finish moves such as Koshiryoku Beam, Breast Fire, and Iron Cutter with no difficulty.

The figure is made of PVC, ABS, POM plastics and diecast metals. Other than that, the figure comes with an assortment accessories such as flame affects parts, a set of blades, a display base, and most important of all, the Zero Scrander. Last of all is a set of LEDs that will illuminate the chest and head sections.

If you’re interested in getting this, please head on over here.

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