So, this post is something I’ve been wanting to write for some time now. As the title would suggest, it’s a top 5 list of Transformers comics, more specifically from IDW Publishing. For some of you guys, this topic might seem out of left field, considering we’re more of an Anime blog rather than one for western cartoons. But remember dear reader, Transformers has long roots tying it to Japan, and a long history in pop-culture since it’s inception back in 1984.

Now for a brief history lesson! IDW’s iteration of Transformers comics ran from 2005 until 2018. They’re version is a complete re-imagining of the original series from 1984. They cover the events of the Autobot-Decepticon War; from beginning, middle, and end. However, there’s one aspect that impressed the most, those were the stories they’ve published after the war was over. A part of Transformers lore rarely ever talked about. Second to that, the creative team at the time did an amazing job fleshing out characters, like making Optimus Prime fallible for instance.

Before I go any further, the titles I’m about to list are from my personal choices. If you have any choices of your own, hit us on the comment section.

5. The Transformers: Megatron Origin

The Transformers: Megatron Origin is a 4-issue mini-series released back in 2007. It details the rise of Megatron from a lowly Energon miner to the leader of the Decepticons. Megatron Origin was written by Eric Holmes and drawn by Alex Milne with assistance on issue #2 by Marcelo Matere.

4. The Transformers: Autocracy

Autocracy is a twelve-part miniseries that was released in early 2012. The series focuses on how Optimus became a Prime as he fought for order. Before Megatron became a conqueror he fought for freedom. In the early days of the war on Cybertron, two leaders–one Autobot, the other Decepticon–start down their own paths towards destiny. The series was written by Chris Metzen and Flint Dille, while Livio Ramondelli providing art.

3. Last Stand of the Wreckers 

Last Stand of the Wreckers is a five part mini-series which were released in 2010. After the events of All Hail Megatron; the eponymous Wreckers (an Autobot task-force specializing in the impossible) must reunite and are sent to investigate the Garrus-9 prison that have been taken over by Decepticons. Along the way The Wreckers will uncover a dark secret that’ll shake them to their very sparks. Written, illustrated, and colored by Nick Roche.

2. The Transformers: All Hail Megatron

All Hail Megatron acts as both a soft reboot to the IDW continuity and to give new readers a “jumping off point”. Moreover, the reason for this was the previous storylines were just getting needlessly complcated. The series ran from 2008 to 2009, with a total of sixteen isseus. Like the name of the book would imply, the story focuses on Megatron’s ruthless campaign on the planet Earth. The series was completely written by Shane McCarthy, while Guido Guidi and Josh Burcham proving illustration and coloring respectively.

1. The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

More than Meets the Eye was an ongoing comic series, back in January 2012. This series follows the adventures of Rodimus and his Lost Light crew (Ultra Magnus, Drift, Ratchet, and later Megatron) as they travel through space, hunting for the legendary Knights of Cybertron and having adventures (or rather misadventures) along the way. This series and its concurrent series, Robots in Disguise, were unique as it focused on events after Autobot/Decepticon War, and how the factions must now learn to move on with thier lives now that the war is over. SPOILER: the series was also known for a major baddie switching allegiances, Megatron into an Autobot. Throughout its run, the series has many creative writers and artist working on it, so it’s kinda hard to list them all out.

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