Soul of Chogokin GX-96 Getter Robo GO



超合金魂 GX-96 ゲッターロボ號

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Series Title: Getter Robo GO
Character Name: 
Product Line: Chogokin, Soul of Chogokin
Size: Approx. H180mm
Material: ABS, PVC, Diecast
Jan Code: 4573102587534
Store code: BD2207005

  • Original import from Japan

Set Content:
– Getter Robo (Getters 1 to 3 are combined)
– Tomahawk
– Leg blade x 2
– string
– String grip
– Harpun Cannon x 2
– Great Hammer
– Replacement wrist / grip, flat hand, tomahawk holding hand, saucer holding hand (each left and right)
– Support parts for 號 x 2
– Replacement wrist / grip for sho, flat hand, holding hand for string (each left hand only)
– Replacement wrist / grip for weapons, hand for holding weapons, flat hand (each left and right)
– Support parts for 剴 A × 2
– Replacement head for sword
– Dedicated pedestal
– Catapult parts for Getter 1
– Catapult parts for Getter 2
– Catapult parts for Getter 3
– A set of support columns for Getter Robo
– Getter Sho support

Three machines are transformed and united into three types of robots! Change Getter 號 !!

Reproduce the transcendental gimmick of “Getter Robo Go”, in which 3 machines transform and combine into 3 forms of Robo, with the Soul of Chogokin! This is exactly ’21st Century Toy (21st Century Toy)’!

“Getter Robo Go”, which was broadcast in 1991 as the third TV anime in the Getter Robo series, appears in the spirit of Chogokin. As in the play, the three machines are transformed and united into ‘Getter Robo’, ‘Getter Sho’, and ‘Getter Robo’.

“Getter 1” The main character of the hot-blooded Han, the aircraft operated by Ichimonji. It features two large rotors. Become the upper body of Getter Robo.

“Getter 2” An aircraft operated by Sho Tachibana. The large drills that make up the nose are also effective in combat with Getter 2 alone. Become a back booster for Getter Robo.

“Getter 3” A large attack aircraft operated by Robo, who is serious and has a strong sense of responsibility. Become the lower body of Getter Robo.

“Getter Robo” A versatile robot that specializes in ground combat. Even in the soul of Chogokin, the transformation and coalescence are reproduced, and it is a full action model with a determined pose. The height of the head is about 180mm.
Getter Robo’s armament, hand-throwing ax ‘Getter Tomahawk’, throwing the rotor on the back with the blade deployed ‘Boomerang Sorcer’, and cutting the enemy with the blade of the shin are reproduced in the superalloy soul.
“Getter Sho” A female robot that is good at high-speed combat in the air. Getter 2 constitutes the upper body, Getter 1 constitutes the lower body, and Getter 3 constitutes the back booster. The height of the head is about 180mm.

The main armament of Getter Sho, the ‘Tornado Attack’ that pierces the enemy with the drill on the right arm, and the ‘String Attack’ that restrains the enemy with an electromagnetic wire like a ribbon can be reproduced. The chest missile ‘Brest Bomber’ is reproduced by attaching and detaching parts.
“Getter Robo” A heavy tank robot that can move underwater and underground. Getter 3 constitutes the upper body, Getter 1 constitutes the abdominal turret, and Getter 2 constitutes the chassis. The height of the head is about 100 mm.
In addition to being able to have ‘Getter Tomahawk’ and ‘Great Hammer’ on the strong arm of Getter Robo, you can also equip the abdominal turret with a ‘Impact Cannon’ or ‘Harpung Cannon’ warhead.
The Soul of Chogokin comes with a special pedestal inspired by the secret base ‘Big Nather’ that appears in the play. In addition to being able to display all three robot forms, it is also possible to add special parts and decorate it in the form of a getter machine before union.

Copyright: DYNAMIC PLANNING/Toei Animation

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