S.H.Figuarts(真骨彫製法)モモタロスイマジン 『仮面ライダー電王』



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Series Title: Kamen Rider Series
Character Name: Momotaros
Product Line: S.H.Figuarts
Size: Approx. H145mm
Jan Code: 4573102595966
Store code: BD2102002
Material: ABS, PVC
Scale: –

  • Original import from Japan

Set Contents:
-Main figure
-Alternative hand parts left x5, right x6
-Momotaros Sword
-Coffee cup + Saucer

Momotaros Imagine who left a strong impact with “Kamen Rider Den-o”. Three-dimensional by true bone carving method!
Unlike Kamen Rider, it is compatible with Imagine, which has a lot of comical movements, and emphasizes movement. It is possible to sneak!
You can reproduce the poses like Momotaros shown in the play without breaking the proportions.
Review the proportions and shape of the whole body, and reproduce it with the modeling unique to true bone carving.
A coffee that Naomi brews in the denliner is included!

Copyright: 石森プロ・東映



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