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Series Title: Star Wars
Character Name: Yoda
Product Line: Statue
Size: H180mm (including base) x 115mm x 95mm
Material: Pewter & Resin
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Store code: 0179030C04

  • A limited edition of 300 individually numbered pieces worldwide.
  • Official licensed.

Beyond his powers, abilities and exploits, which are as well documented as they are celebrated, Yoda remains a great mystery. There appears to be no record nor knowledge of a species or home world to which he belongs, nor until recently another individual bearing any resemblance.

This limited edition bust captures the physical attributes that define Yoda; large elfin ears, a slight stature, and the features that speak of a life lived over nine hundred years. Cast in pewter, finished with a graphite-enhanced tint to approximate his distinctive skin tone, on a pedestal of composite resin.



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