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Series Title: Marvel Universe
Character Name: Captain America
Product Line: Statue
Size: H275mm (including base) x 230mm x 200mm
Material: Pewter
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Store code: 0179054E

  • Limited edition of 200 individually numbered pieces worldwide.
  • Official licensed.

Illustrator: Alan Quah
Sculptor: Ghim Ong

Alan Quah and Ghim Ong’s marvellous limited edition pewter sculpture channels the Captain America origin story as told by writer Roger Stern and the creative team of John Byrne, Bob Sharen, Joe Rubinstein and Joe Rosen.

Operation: Rebirth has transformed Steve Rogers with Super-Soldier Serum and Vita Rays from a feeble young man into a paragon of human perfection. 24K gilding now accentuates his impressively enhanced physique whilst highlighting the detail in the iconic superhero’s costume. Base in composite resin.



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