Series Title: Marvel Universe
Character Name: Iron Man
Product Line: Statue
Size: H2150mm (including base), base H215mm x 975mm x 970mm
Jan Code:
Store code: ES7770B
Material: Pewter
Scale: 1/1

  • A limited edition of 30 individually numbered pieces worldwide
  • Official licensed.

From Marvel series, Avengers Endgame. Mark 85, the final Iron Man suit used by Tony Stark to defeat Thanos in Avengers End Game.

Here comes 1/1 scale & superbly detailed fibreglass replica of Tony Stark’s Mark 85 suit features a metallic coating of fine pewter to mimic its underlying exo-structure, with armour pieces coated in brass and copper. The Infinity Stones in the suit’s Nano Gauntlet, its eyes, chest arc reactor as well as its gauntlet repulsor nodes, are fitted with LED lights.

LED lights in the Infinity Gauntlet, eyes, chest and palms.

Product details: 

  • suite version: Mark-85
  • Packaging: Polygon ball filled, divided into three cartons; three cartons into one wooden box
  • Package measurements:
    1. Body + Right hand: 101.5 x 76.2 x 61.5 cm
    2. Feet + Left hand: 144.5 x 99.2 x 46.5 cm
    3. Base: 97.5 x 97.2 x 21.5 cm
  • Weight: Approx. 39 KG
  • Height: Approx. H215 cm
  • Voltage: 110 / 220v



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