Revoltech Yamaguchi No.093 ZOIDS Blade Liger



リボルテックヤマグチ No.093 ZOIDS(ゾイド) BLADE LIGER(ブレードライガー)

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Series Title: ZOIDS Series
Character Name: –
Product Line: Revoltech
Size: Approx. H85mm
Jan Code: 4537807010308
Store code: KYD0007
Material:ABS, PVC

  • Original import from Japan
  • Articulation Points: 42
  • Joints Used: 34
    (10mm joint x4, 8mm joint x5, 8mm W joint x8, 6mm W joint x1, 4mm joint x16)

-Blade liger
-Display stand

Sculptor: Katsuhisa Yamaguchi, Akira Tani

ZOIDS have entered the world of Yamaguchi! A huge project for the 5th anniversary of the Revoltech line, the ZOIDS figures feature huge size and a greater number of parts than ever before! This figure is a collaboration between sculpting genius Akira Tani and motion wizard Katsuhisa Yamaguchi – it features an amazing 34 joints for never-before-seen levels of poseability! Featuring a number of 4mm joints even the smallest details, like the Compression Refrigerator, are poseable! You can even recreate legendary attacks like the Blade Attack! And don’t forget to use the included display stand to stretch the limits of poseability even further!

Copyright: TOMY(C)ShoPro ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company,Ltd.and used under license.


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