Revoltech Pixar Figure Collection No.004 The Incredible - Mr Incredible



リボルテック ピクサーフィギュアコレクション No.004 Mr.インクレディブル

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Series Title: The Incredible
Character Name: Mr Incredible
Product Line: Revoltech
Size: Approx. H110mm
Jan Code: 4537807000132
Store code: KYD0007
Material: ABS, PVC

  • Original import from Japan
  • Articulation Parts: 14
  • Joints Used:
    -4mm joint x 2
    -6mm joint x 5
    -8mm joint x 3
    -10mm joint x 2

-Main figure
-Optional face part x 1
-Optional hand part x 2
-Omnidroid (distant view model) x 1
-Omnidroid nail part (closed) x 2
-Display case x 1

Mr. Incredibles x Omni-droid! Regardless of the heated battle scene reproduced! !
The first stage in human society Pixar titles “Mr. Incredibles” Mr leading role from. Ink
Rediburu appearance!
Using the results revolver -12. Flexible massive muscular proportions
Provide mobile.
Mr. Incredible eyes are movable. Move the pin from the back to remove the front half of the face, variations
Applications produce a rich look.
Omni-droid model comes with distance. Arms can be moved all six.
Remove the spheres can be separated by down. Pushing the rounded part of the central camera inside /
Phase appears.
Claw arms which can be removed. Open (× 6) and closed (× 2) comes in two types.
Mr. Incredibles comes with a base for. Simply can decorate with a pause while.

Copyright: Disney/Pixar


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