Revoltech EVANGELION EVOLUTION Evangelion New EVA-02 Alpha



リボルテック EVANGELION EVOLUTION エヴァンゲリオン新2号機α

Preorder Price: RM679
Deposit: RM279
Closing Date: 20 Oct 2020
Release Date: Feb 2021

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About this item

Series Title: Evangelion Series
Character Name: EVA-02 Alpha
Product Line: Revoltech
Size: Approx. H200mm
Jan Code: 4537807105288
Store code: 20H15
Material: Figure: PVC, ABS / Joint: Nylon, POM

  • Original import from Japan
  • Articulation Points: Total of 34

Main figure
-Large heavy flame thrower
-Optional hand part x2 (left/right, Total of 4)
-Muzzle flash part x1
-Stand w/arm x1 Set *2 types used

Sculptor: Katsuhisa Yamaguchi

At the end of ‘New Theatrical Version: Q’, EVA No. 2 was recovered by Wunder with his half body lost.
It appeared in the special news video of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” with a big change.
The new appearance of the NERV Euro Headquarters, which was recovered in the battle of the opening video, and Unit 2, which seems to have been repaired by the materials, is the lower body and left arm supplemented with parts of different aircraft.
The armor that covers the mechanical limbs and torso is a self-homage silhouette of the jet alone that appeared in the 7th episode of the TV series.

Katsuhisa Yamaguchi carefully created the latest design with extremely detailed details, while
Incorporated a movable that can handle dynamic action poses.
In the special news video, the situation of descending into the bright red barrier space is
The 10th episode of the TV series “Magma Diver” is also remembered.
Equipment for descent equipped with boosters etc. is also a three-dimensional rugged and complicated structure that seems to be a sudden construction.

In the new movie version, EVA No. 2 has changed its appearance every time.
This time too, the appearance in a completely different style has already attracted a lot of attention.
The figure repaired with the materials left at the NERV Euro branch in Paris is the same as Unit 8 in the opening video.
It makes you feel the obsession of Ville who fights by pouring all the remaining power.

The head has two ‘horns’ that are characteristic of the new movie version of Unit 2, but it has a larger and sharper shape than before.
The jaw has a fang-like design like the remnants of beasting, and one of the four eyes remains crushed.
While having the image of the past, it is still a completely new design. It is unique to 3D that you can see new charm in detail.

The right arm is EVA’s original muscular living body, and the left arm is a mechanical type like a rugged retro robot and an asymmetrical design.
Of course, the movement around the shoulders has a completely different structure.
The left shoulder has a built-in swing mechanism on the body side, ensuring a wide range of movement despite its solid appearance.

The descent equipment on your back is a booster and fuel tank supported by a structure with exposed pipes that seems to be a sudden construction.
A complicated design with missile pods placed all around the top.
Reproduced the industrial charm while making it removable equipment.
The volume is also perfect, and it really looks three-dimensional.

The armament you have is also a large volume that is comparable to the solid body.
A large belt link firearm with a sharp tip equipped with three rotating barrels and a cylindrical lower part that seems to be a magazine.
You can check the design that makes you feel a unique world view in every detail such as the grip cover in 3D.

*Handle with care since excessive force in the wrong direction may cause the item to break.
*The vinyl sheet in the joints is to prevent color transfer and can be torn and removed before use.

Copyright: カラー

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