P.O.P x Pinky:st ONE PIECE St. Nami Complete Figure



P.O.P×Pinky:st ワンピーストリート ナミ 完成品フィギュア

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Series Title: One Piece Series
Character Name: Nami
Product Line: Portrait.Of.Pirates, Pinky Street
Size: 100mm
Jan Code: 4535123828102
Store code: CF1912002
Material: PVC, Partially ABS

  • Original import from Japan

Sculpting and Painting: PINPOINT
Supervision: BABYsue Design System
Cooperation: BABY sue VANCE

P.O.P and the legendary figure brand “Pinky:st.” (Pinky Street) present a dream worthy collaboration!
With the cooperation of BABY sue’s “Yuuki Kanaya” who created Pinky style has designed a figure of One Piece’s Nami in this cute Pinky style.
At approx. 10cm tall this pre-painted complete figure includes 2 types of body and 7 accessory parts. the hairstyle and body (top and bottoms) are removable so the user can enjoy arranging the doll of Nami as they like.
Of course other Pinky Street parts are compatible for even more fun with the doll’s arrangement. This marks a new page in One Piece’s history so be sure to add this figure to your collection!

Copyright: 尾田栄一郎/集英社・フジテレビ・東映アニメーション


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