Megami Device SOL Strike Raptor Plastic Model



メガミデバイス SOLストライクラプター プラモデル

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About this Item

Product Line: Megami Device
Size: 180mm
Store code: KT1907001
Scale: 1/1
Jan Code: 4934054108527


Sculptor: Masaki Apsy, Noritaka Fukumoto, Shuichi Kanoshima
Character design: Kouhaku Kuroboshi
Mechanic design: Takayuki Yanase

-The set includes a present code for obtaining a special gear set of “SOL Strike Raptor” (or “SOL Raptor) in the “Alice Gear Aegis”.
-The Hornet’s parts are added to a previous Raptor and then given new coloring and decals for a model with a complete and full package.
-Hair parts for Hornet are included as well so it can be displayed with the hairstyle you choose. (Hornet’s face parts are not included.)
-It includes newly made markings as well as eye decals.
-There are 3 types of pre-painted face parts for each character included.
-By changing the parts it’s possible to recreate either a “busou mode” (armor mode) with a mechanical armor that has an aircraft motif or a “sotai mode” (normal body mode) without the armor.
-This set includes various weapon parts which can each be attached and alternated as you like to act out many different combat scenes.
-Some of the armor parts can be combined or alternated with mimizuku-type mecha.
-The body model “machinika” has an amazing articulation range that makes it possible to pose it with weapons or sitting with a natural look.
-The item features 3mm diameter holes that make it compatible with previously released items from M.S.G series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series.

Copyright: KOTOBUKIYA・RAMPAGE (C)Masaki Apsy & (C) 2017-2018 Pyramid,Inc. / COLOPL,Inc.


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