Megami Device Busou Shinki Jaeger Type Edelweiss (Plastic model kit)

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メガミデバイス コラボ 武装神姫 猟兵型エーデルワイス 1/1 プラモデル 

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About this item

Series Title: Busou Shinki
Character Name: Edelweiss
Product Line:  Megami Device
Size: 135mm (including base)
Jan Code: 4934054130658
Store code: KT1906007
Material: PS & ABS
Scale: 1/1


  • Original import from Japan

Sculptor: Masaki Apsy, Noritaka Fukumoto, unitec Co.,ltd

Welcome a collaboration of the game “Busou Shinki” and “Megami Device”!
Characters from the game veiled in mystery “Busou Shinki” are being turned into plastic models with Megami Device specifications.
First up in this collaboration is one of the main characters “Jaeger Type Edelweiss”. Designer Humikane Shimada is in charge!
“Megami Device” is a new plastic model kit series where you enjoy attaching weapons and armor parts to articulated bishoujo models.
The main body model “Machineca” is designed by Masaki Apsy!

-The standard Megami Device parts are made with joint gimmicks so many preexisting Megami Device parts can be used alternatively.
-Each character comes with 3 pre-painted face parts.
-By changing the parts it’s possible to recreate either a “busou mode” (armor mode) with an armor in witch style or a “sotai mode” (normal body mode) without the armor.
-Various combat scene can be recreated thanks to the abundant optional weapon parts and clear molded effect parts.
-Thanks to the surprising articulation range of the new body “Machineca”, it’s possible to recreate poses with weapons and sitting poses that look natural.
-It comes with 7 different pairs of PVC hand parts. They feature 3mm diameter holes that make it compatible with previously released items from the M.S.G series, Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl series.
-Decals for the eyes and markings are included.

What is Megami Device?
It’s a plastic model series featuring 14cm tall figure robots that can stand on their own. They can be enjoyed like plastic models, remodeling them and having them fight like a “near future battle hobby”.
The main body “Machineca” is designed by posable figure leader Masaki Apsy and the character & mechanics are by many different designers.
The mold has different colors and the faces are pre-painted with tampo printing, making it possible to obtain a finished product close to the product image by just assembling the kit.
Thanks to the 3mm diameter holes, items are compatible with future products of the same series and also with the many other Kotobukiya plastic model parts that have been released so far.

Copyright : KOTOBUKIYA・RAMPAGE (C)Masaki Apsy
(C)Konami Digital Entertainment


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