Megami Device BULLET KNIGHTS Launcher Plastic Model



メガミデバイス BULLET KNIGHTS ランチャー プラモデル

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Product Line: Megami Device
Size: 345mm
Store code: KT1907002
Scale: 1/1
Jan Code: 4934054108527


Sculptor: Masaki Apsy, Hatioto, unitec Co.,ltd

The 10th release of the bishoujo x mechanic series “Megami Device” is “Bullet Knights Launcher!

“Megami Device” is a plastic model kit series where you enjoy attaching weapons and armor parts to articulated bishoujo models.
The main body model “Machineca” is newly designed by Masaki Apsy, and the designer of this release is Yasutaka Isekawa!

-It comes with a huge long launcher, large shield that can be attached to an arm on the back. For further support is comes with a base to help hold up the weapons.
-By alternating the weapons parts it can be attached to the Megami to create “launcher mode”.
-With the launcher can be split into 3 parts and many articulation axle points prepared on the back you can enjoy making various combat poses.
-The tube stretching out from the back of the head uses a flexible reed string so it can be freely moved.
-It is plated in metallic colors and comes with decals for eyes.
-Each character comes with 3 pre-painted face parts.
-By changing the parts it’s possible to recreate either a “busou mode” (armor mode) with an armor in knight style or a “sotai mode” (normal body mode) without the armor.
-Thanks to the surprising articulation range of the new body “Machineca”, it’s possible to recreate poses with weapons and sitting poses that look natural.
-It features 3mm diameter holes that make it compatible with previously released items from the M.S.G series, Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl series.

Copyright: KOTOBUKIYA・RAMPAGE (C)Masaki Apsy


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