Sousai Shoujo Teien x Frame Arms Girl – Ao Gennai Wakaba Girl’s High School Winter Clothes 1/10 Plastic Model



創彩少女庭園×フレームアームズ・ガール 源内あお[若葉女子高校・冬服] 1/10 プラモデル

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Series Title: Sousai Shojo Teien, Frame Arms Girl
Character Name: Ao Gennai
Product Line: Frame Arms Girl
Size: Approx. H159mm
Material: PS, ABS, POM, PVC
Scale: 1/10
Jan Code: 4934054025701
Store code: KT2305004

  • Original import from Japan
  • Plastic Model

Design: Yoshihiro Nishimaru

Ao-chan fans all over the world, thank you very much for your patience!
The main character of the anime “Frame Arms Girl” “Ao Gennai” appears as a plastic model in winter clothes at Wakaba Girls’ High School!
It will be released from the Sosai Shoujo Garden series, which is designed so that even first-time users can easily assemble the plastic model.

The various attractive facial expressions that Ao-chan, who has a lot of emotional expressions, showed in the animation are also reproduced with painted facial parts.
Please combine it with the ‘After School Todoroki Birthday Set’ released at the same time to recreate your favorite scene from the anime ♪

Special points:
“Two types of painted plaid skirts”
Please be assured that the plaid skirt, which is difficult to express by painting, is already painted from the beginning.
Two types, one for standing and one for sitting, are included.

“5 types of painted facial expression parts”
Five types of facial expressions are included, including the most popular “deformed face” in the questionnaire.
‘Normal face’ ‘Smile’ ‘That’s face’ ‘Doya face’ ‘Deformed face’ comes with a painted type and an unpainted type.
* The facial expression parts that come with Ao Gennai ‘Wakaba Girls’ High School / Winter Clothes’ are not compatible with the separately sold “Frame Arms Girl” series or other “Sousai Shoujo Garden” series.

“Waist parts for sitting”
By using the sitting waist parts, you can play while sitting on a chair.
The thighs of the waist parts for sitting can be moved by the roll axis to make it a petanko sitting.

16 kinds of molding colors, the most in the series
Fresh, brown, yellow, purple, light purple, red, white, light blue, coral pink, black, dark brown, pink, green, gray green, silver, blue and many other colors.

Various accessories that color Ao-chan
The school bag with Udora as a separate part is a three-color molding that reproduces the zipper part in different colors.
Kotobu Kinipper can be held with a special handle.
The smartphones that appear in the battle scene are also specially modeled.

Copyright: KOTOBUKIYA (C)KOTOBUKIYA / FAGirl Project


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