Kotobukiya: Frame Arms Girl – Durga I Plastic Model



フレームアームズ・ガール スティレット XF-3 プラス プラモデル

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About this item

Series Title: Frame Arms Girl, Frame Arms
Character Name: Durga I
Product Line: Frame Arms Girl, Frame Arms
Size: Approx. H165mm (non-scale)
Material: PS, PE, ABS, POM, PVC
Jan Code: 4934054048809
Store code: KT2305001

  • Original import from Japan
  • Plastic Model

Sculptor: Yasutomo Shimizu, Hajime Kusui, Hatioto
Frame Arms Design: ToMo
Frame Arms Girl Design: Eiji Komatsu

Frame Arms designed by ToMo “Durga I (Ain)”.
Based on that, we will commercialize Frame Arms Girl “Durga I”, which is three-dimensionalized based on the illustration that Eeji Komatsu made into a beautiful girl!
It is an item that you can enjoy the sharp silhouette with the motif of and the recombination of armor with Magatsuki as well as Durger I alone.

Product Details:
-Comes with 3 types of tampo-printed face parts ‘normal face’, ‘one-eyed closed smile’, and ‘screaming face’.
-You can remove the armor from the bangs and attach a ribbon. Also included is bangs without headgear.
-Comes with decals such as eyes and gold markings on the pattern.
-Reproduce the characteristic transparent armor of each part with clear parts. A mechanical mold is engraved on the back of the parts.
-Increased armor parts can be attached in various ways other than the basic form by connecting with a 3 mm diameter joint.
-As a special weapon, a lance type is attached.
-‘Hail Lang’ can be separated into show transformer and mace.
–Simple round base included. The connection part can be moved up and down.
-Includes optional joint parts for the thighs.
-A waist joint part is included.
–A wide range of movement is achieved by moving the pull-out chest joints and shoulder joints.
-A wide range of movement is realized by using the sliding movement of the hip joint and the pull-out joint in the peach together.
――By adopting a ball-jointed doll with a movable axis, you can pose with rich expressions.
-5 types of PVC wrists are included on each side. The wrist, including the joints, can be recombined with the existing Frame Arms Girl series wrists.
–The 3mm diameter holes placed on the arms and legs allow the existing MSG series and Frame Arms series to be used together.



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