Taito Kuji: Tokyo Revengers Holy Night PETIT Decisive Battle




Tickets remaining: bal: 70 / total: 70

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Series Title: Tokyo Revengers
Character Name: Hajime Kokonoi, Seishu Inui, Takashi Mitsuya, Hakkai Shiba
Product Line: Kuji
Total Prizes: 70
Jan Code: 4988611322505
Store code: KJ2305003

  • Original import from Japan
  • Series: Tokyo Revengers
  • Sell per ticket
  • Randomly draw

Tickets remaining: 

Prize A: Hajime Kokonoi PETIT figure (approx 100mm)   (bal: 3 / total: 3)

Prize B: Seishu Inui PETIT figure (approx 100mm)   (bal: 3 / total: 3)

Prize C: Takashi Mitsuya PETIT figure (approx 100mm)   (bal: 2 / total: 2)

Prize D: Hakkai Shiba PETIT figure (approx 100mm)   (bal: 2 / total: 2)

Prize E: Acrylic Stand – all 7 types (approx 100mm)   (bal: 12 / total: 12)

Prize F: Tin Badges – all 14 types (approx 50mm) *Randomly Pick   (bal: 18 / total: 18)

Prize G: Rubber Charm – all 10 types (approx 70mm) *Randomly Pick   (bal: 30 / total: 30)

LH Prize: Takashi Mitsuya PETIT figure (smile expression ver) (approx 100mm)  (To be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji ticket)

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