Hexa Gear Hightrager 1/24 Kit Block


ヘキサギア ハイトレーガー 1/24 キットブロック

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Release Date: Nov 2020

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About this Item

Series Title: Hexa Gear
Character Name: Hightrager
Product Line: Hexa Gear
Size: 350mm
Jan Code: 4934054013357
Store code: 20F15


Scale: 1/24



  • Original import from Japan
  • Plastic Model
  • Size: Approx. L350mm
  • Scale: 1/24


-The multi-legged transport vehicle Hightrager is a hexagear developed and manufactured by Maxwell Gears by diverting the components of the masterpiece 2nd generation Hexa Gear Scarecrow.

-Specialized for loading and transporting large containers, etc., and designed with the focus on operation in vehicle form, it also has a pseudo quadrupedal form for crossing uneven terrain.
-It is often confused with the 3rd generation due to this feature of `variable mechanism and quadrupedal walking`, but in this machine it is not limited to using [static walking] and running device for the purpose of changing mechanical posture However, the aircraft control is also classified as the second generation because it was the most popular G2AI at this time.

-Each form is called [Flat mode] when the front and rear leg parts are horizontally connected at the armor, and is called [Polypod mode] when the front and rear leg parts are disconnected and the multiple legs are connected. There is.
-The main purpose of both types is to transport cargo, but they are appropriately selected and operated according to the topography to be used.
-The structure of the leg frame corresponding to heavy weight and complicated terrain is rather close to construction heavy equipment, structural strength is stronger than general combat hexa gears, and its characteristics are also displayed in unit units ..

-In addition, a sub-arm is installed on the front leg and a storage space is installed on the rear leg, so it is possible to disassemble and store weapons, ammunition, tools or large-diameter anti-material rifles for accompanying infantry, workers Because it has a flexible design in terms of operation, such as storing the pilot’s seat and being able to use it as an unmanned vehicle, it is widely used not only by military bases and industrial zones but also by governors who are engaged in the distribution of goods between cities. Like other Hexa Gear, many variations are produced depending on the area where it is introduced and the governor on board.

[Product specifications]
-It is possible to transform from a transport vehicle type [flat mode] to a multi-legged vehicle type [polypod mode].
-The cockpit can be used with a separately sold governor and can also be used as an unmanned mode by folding the seat.
-By setting the cockpit to unmanned mode, it is possible to attach the upper half of the bulk arm series or steel rain sold separately to the upper part. You can enjoy it as a multi-legged bulk arm by combining them.
-The armor part on the front leg side can be opened and closed to deploy the simplified manipulator inside.
-You can take out the assembled anti-material rifle by opening and closing the armor part on the rear leg side. The removed anti-material rifle can be assembled and used as weapons for the governor, and can also be attached to the simplified manipulator provided in the cockpit.
-You can use the [Flying Base Neo] sold separately for the 5 mm diameter hard point at the bottom of the cockpit.

・ High tiger body x 1
・ Assembled anti-material rifle x 1
・ Archive card x 1

Copyright : KOTOBUKIYA

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