Hexa Gear 1/24 Definition Armor Blazeboar Kit Block



ヘキサギア 1/24 ディフィニッションアーマー ブレイズボア キットブロック

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Series Title: Hexa Gear
Character Name: Blazeboar
Product Line: Hexa Gear
Size: Approx. L135mm
Jan Code: 4934054020843
Store code: KT2106002
Material: PVC, PS, PE, ABS, POM
Scale: 1/24

  • Original import from Japan
  • Kit Block

-Blazeboar main figure x1 set
-Governor Warmage Hetzer (Special head Ver.)
-Hand parts for Governor Warmage Hetzer x3 types (left & right)
-Control Unit x2
-Binary Howl
-Wall Krieg
-Archive Card x1

Designer: Prothlink, Mitsunobu Tamura, Naoki Nishimura (pilot), Shigeo Mouri

While aiming to reduce the size of the bulk arm α, which was successful as a humanoid bipedal heavy hexagear, each element of the scarecrow, which is famous as a masterpiece light hexagear, was extracted and simplified and reconstructed into a shape that passengers can wear . The Armor concept was a fusion of two successful examples and was expected to rage as a lightweight, highly maneuverable reinforced exoskeleton for infantry.
――However, the pre-production type that was put into the actual battle test was completely out of balance with many elements that were overloaded, and was given the disgraceful evaluation of .
――In order to aim for practical use while maintaining the only evaluated mass productivity, various repair plans based on specifications that narrowed down the application were examined, and among them, the plan that led to production was a high-speed maneuver that utilized light weight. It is a wood pecker with an emphasis on combat, and a blaze bore that resulted in the miniaturization of the bulk arm that was purely aimed at.

――The core part of Blazebore is almost the same as the Woodpecker developed at the same time, but in this machine, the sensor in the center of the upper part of the aircraft is adopted with a wide left and right field of view including the meaning of compensating for the reduced mobility. ing. The walking legs also protect the lower body of the governor, and the working limbs are also equipped with items that can operate heavy weapons while considering themselves as side armor.
–The propeller is selected to be smaller and lower output than the wood pecker, because it is premised on reducing the load on the aircraft and walking battle in cooperation with infantry. In addition to the master-slave type, the control method is performed by the assistance of G2AI based on the feedback information from the BMI installed in the Warmage, which was adopted as standard equipment of the boarding governor, and gained reliable aircraft and shooting control. There is.

――The Blaze Bore that was born in this way is a realistic review of the specifications that the definition armor originally aimed for. Bringing heavy weapons to narrow terrain such as valleys and urban streets that cannot be entered by large hexagear, providing fire support, deploying in front of infantry and wiping out as a shield, etc. Demonstrated its characteristics in closely linked operations.

–A variation kit with many new molding parts added to the flight unit `Wood Pecker`. Recombinant expansion is possible using hexa holes and 3 mm holes in each part. * cannot be made with this kit.
–The head, arms, legs, weapons, and back booster will be new molding parts. The head can be replaced to select or . The shoulders, elbows, and wrists can be moved on the arms, and existing weapons can be attached to the wrists. The legs have movable hip joints, knees, ankles, toes, etc., and can be moved at the same angle as the legs of the boarding governor.
-The cockpit opens and closes, and the attached governor Warmage Hetzer (dedicated head Ver.) Can be boarded. Furthermore, the sensor part of the cockpit shell can be opened and closed to look into the face of the governor.
――Two main weapons can be divided and can be attached to both hands or back separately.
――It is compatible with the separately sold flying base, so you can enjoy a realistic display.
-The molding color of the Blazebore body will be the same dark green as the bulk arm α jungle battle specification and the gunmetal common to the series.


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