Fate/Grand Order – Mash Kyrielight 1/7 Complete Figure



『Fate/Grand Order』`マシュ・キリエライト`

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Series Title: Fate Series, Fate/Grand Order
Character Name: Mash Kyrielight
Product Line: Scale Figure
Size: Approx. L220mm
Jan Code: 456022820491
Store code: AL1910001
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/7

  • Original import from Japan
  • Pre-painted Complete Figure

-Main figure

Sculptor: Munetoshi Makio (Mash), sai (Fou-kun)
Paintwork: Takamasa Watanabe

From “Fate/Grand Order” it is a figure of Mash Kyrielight designed in the image of the newly drawn tapestry illustration.
The shield wielded as a weapon when a Servant is at her back and she looks lovely posed leaning on it. The slightly surprised expression and feel of being tired to the point of letting her guard down make the figure nicely appealing.
It is well finished with slight shine to express lip gloss, the gradation of the light colored hair, and rich colors such as in the pearl painted tights. The weight of the shield is expressed in part though the metallic paint and even is made to include traces of fighting.
By exchanging parts it can be displayed wearing glasses. Fou is at her feet seeming to make a joke with cute round eyes and puffy tail.



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