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Series Title: Ultraman
Character Name: Ultraman Shinjiro
Product Line: Scale Figure
Size: Approx. H310mm
Jan Code: 6971835800131
Store code: EM2102006
Material: Alloy/ABS/PVC/POM
Scale: 1/6

  • Official Licensed
  • Model code: EM2020006FP
  • Contains die-cast metal parts
  • LED light-up effects

The new Ultraman Shinjiro exclusive use Ultraman armor is called Type B to differentiate it from the previous armor.

The body function has been greatly improved due to the gene of Ultraman. To Shinjiro, the armor’s mobility becomes a constraint, which was originally developed, as the auxiliary and amplification function of Shinjiro’s ability, has become his bottleneck. Thus Ide begins to improve it including the improvement of lightweight, auxiliary mode and adding new


  • Specium Slash
    • In addition to its non visualization and mimicry functions. Type B armor odds new weapons to the palm. The Specium Slash generated from the generator on the palm will form a circular ring to light or throw.
  • Tornado special effects (large/small)
    • Type B armor greatly increases the attack power of the mobile Ultraman. Specium energy will surround by fists and arms as the shape of a tornado with one punch.
  • Specium Beam
    • Lift the Specium Blade open the armor and expose the control unit, connect the connectors on both wrists, then the beam weapon will be started. More powerful than any other beam weapons with the same marvelous effects as the previous Ultraman’s Specium Beam. Remove the limiter the power and volume of the beam will be multiplied.



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