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Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth 募恋英雄
Drugs have become the center of conflict in Japan, and crime involving them has been increasing at an alarming rate. Unable to control the chaos, the police department settled on creating a unit—STAND—that would include unique, specialized experts and professionals better suited to handle the pressing issue.
Rei Izumi is a novice joining the narcotics investigation unit, assigned the daunting task of recruiting the potential representatives of STAND. While recommended for her moral sense of justice and devotion to police work, Rei also has a unique aspect of her own that may have earned her the job—she has immunity to many, if not most, kinds of drugs.
Eager to seek the possible members of STAND, Rei quickly learns that scouting the different individuals will be more difficult than she expected, as each candidate harbors their own feelings, ideologies, and willingness toward joining the team and regulating drugs as a whole. Her capability as a narcotics officer is also questioned by the many colorful personalities she meets, stirring conflict and unpredictability in Rei’s daily life. However, persuading the various contenders for STAND isn’t the only obstacle she faces, as becoming involved in the treacherous underworld of drugs, overflowing with deceit and secrecy, will be more hazardous than she ever imagined.
“STAND”(STand Alone National Department),此一独立调查机构专门负责麻醉药相关案件,组成的适任者不限身份,背景从麻药取缔官、警官、情报贩子、到名流、望族等等,不一而足。
Dadah menjadi konflik utama di Jepun dan jenayah yang terlibat dengan dadah turut meningkat. Oleh demikian, pihak polis menubuh sebuah unit “STAND” yang terbentuk daripada pakar-pakar unik dan profesional sesuai untuk kendali isu-isu tersebut.
Rei Izumi diberi tugas untuk merekrut wakil-wakil STAND yang berpotensi. Namun proses perekrutan adalah lebih sukar daripada jangkaannya, sebab setiap calon mempunyai perasaan, ideologi dan latar belakang masing-masing. Semua unsure ini menjadi rintangannya. Keupayaannya sebagai pegawai narkotik turut dipersoalkan. Apa lagi dia bakal menghadapi bila mulai melibatkan diri dalam dunia dadah bawah tanah yang berbahaya?


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