Can i convert the Hobi Points (HP) to cash?

No, you can't. You can use the points to purchase any items from the Hobility website or physical store only.

How to use the Hobi Points (HP)?

You can use it as cash to purchase any items from the Hobility website or physical stores.

How to earn Hobi Points(HP) ?

Every Rm1 of spending at Hobility website or physical stores, 1 HP (One Hobi Points) is awarded or one time 1000Hp (One Thousand Hobi Points) are awarded for new registered member at Hobility website.

What is Hobi Points (HP) ?

Hobi Ponts (HP) are the point system by Hobility and it can be used to redeem any items which are available at Hobility website and physical stores.

Where is your retail shop?

Please check about us at the Hobility webpage for more details.

Can I purchase from your retail shop?

Yes, you may visit our outlets.

May I pay by bank transfer or cash deposit into your bank account?

Yes, you may. Please contact our support team for assistance

How should I purchase from the website if I do not have any credit or debit cards?

You may contact us before the purchasing of the items. Our support team will assist you with others alternative payment methods such as bank transfer, cash deposit, e-wallet and etc

What kinds of payment methods do you accepting?

The transaction may go through our payment gateway at the website, credit or debit card, online banking and e-wallet.

Do you post International?

Due of the pandemic COVID-19. Currently we do not post international.