Nendoroid VS Cosbaby

So, if you’re really into toy collecting, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the name Good Smile and Hot Toys. Two major toy companies that have managed to snag the rights to some MAJOR intellectual properties throughout their tenure in the toy biz. But… just in case, let’s do a little refresher, ok. Who are Good […]

Kill La Kill: Magical Girl Anime Dialed to 11!

Now Kill La Kill is an anime that came out in the Fall Season of 2013, and people were like “another magical girl anime?”- Oh, how wrong we were… See, Magical Girl anime is a dime a dozen just like it’s boy counterpart, Shounen anime. What I mean by that is, if you’ve seen one, […]

Space Battleship Yamato 2199: A Beautiful Remake

During this whole Coronavirus lockdown period, a vast majority of us have been cooped up at home. What was meant to be a simple two weeks has turned into over a month… Now, that’s besides the point, I’ve actually used that free time to clear up my anime backlog. That anime is Space Battleship Yamato […]

Persona 5 Royal Review

The original version of Persona 5 released in 2017 was already considered the gold standard in JRPG, with over a 100+ hours worth gameplay. Persona 5 has the strongest story to date, it stands out as an extraordinary, memorable experience and easily one of the deepest JRPGs of the last decade. Its sprawling dungeon design […]

Animes to Watch on Netflix

Hi everybody, so we’re already two weeks in into our self quarantine, and we’re only half way through this ordeal. Obviously, we’ve talked about this in our previous post on how overcome cabin fever, and knowing our readers and customers, you guys are probably watching anime at home. Now, like the title suggest, this is […]

SSSS.GRIDMAN Rikka Takarada Kuji Figure

Hello and welcome everyone to another Hobility Blog post! Today were gonna take a look at not just one, but three Rikka Takarada Kuji figures from Figure Spirits Kuji. But before we get to the review, lets take a look at some backstory, shall we. SSSS.Gridman was originally a live-action tokusatsu show back in 1993, […]

Gashapon Star Wars’ Stormtroopers

A few weeks back in our previous post we talked about the Star Wars Saga Kuji from Happy Kuji, but today we’re gonna take a look at some Star Wars gashapon toys. When one thinks of Star Wars, there’s often a few that come to mind; those being lightsbers, Darth Vader, the Jedi, but I’m […]

Kotobukiya Cu-Poche – Gourai Craftsmanship Form Review

Before we start , I think its only proper that we do a little explainer and overview of what is a Cu-Poche. Ok? Great! The best way for me to say this, a Cu-Poche figure is Kotobukiya’s answer to Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid line of figures. Both line of line of figures are roughly around […]

Happy Kuji: Star Wars Saga

Hey everybody, its the new year, and it’s time for new Kuji! This time around we managed to secure ourselves a Star Wars themed Kuji from Happy Kuji. In this Kuji set there are a total of 80 available prizes, 45 of which are figurines, while remainder are an assortment of posters from the Star […]

1000Toys 1/12 Scale HellBoy Figure Review

In the world of comic books, there’s certainly no shortage of supernatural superheroes. Some have risen to prominence like Doctor Strange and John Constantine, who have become household names due to the popularity of the MCU and CW’s Arrowverse respectively. On the other hand, there are some heroes that have faded from the public attentions, […]