New Kuji for August 2020 (Part 2)

Hey all and welcome back to the second part of August Kuji preview. In this post we’re gonna show you the remaining there Kuji sets as promised. The sets are from Pokemon, Kentai Collection, and Evangelion. Pokemom Collection: Pikachu’s Forest’s Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise returns again, with it’s cute electric rodent, Pikachu, taking center stage. Just […]

New Kuji for August 2020 (Part 1)

Hey everyone, welcome back, we hope you guys out there are having a great summer- well, as great as it can be. alright, let’s get right down to it, we here at Hobility have managed to secure some very amazing Kujis straight from the land of the Rising Sun. Like the title suggest, this is […]

Ichiban Kuji Mobile Suit Gundam GUNPLA 40th Anniversary

Calling all Gunpla Builders, Universal Century fans, both from the Federation and Zeon! We here at Hobility are will be bringing Gundam’s 40th Anniversary Ichiban Kui set, which is of course from Bandai, duhhhhh. I know this practice is certainly nothing, obviously this is Bandai we’re talking about. Nevertheless, this Kuji set promises some new […]

Ichiban Kuji Releases for June 2020

Hey all! It’s really been a whole minute since we’ve had a new Kuji set available at the shop, but fear not, we’ve three new upcoming sets on the way. So without wasting any anymore time, let’s see what’s in store, yeah Ichiban Kuji: Pokemon: Eevee and Floral Candy First on our list is the […]

Final Fantasy VII Remake Kuji

With Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake’s release just a little over a month away. Goes without saying, Square Enix will be doing a Kuji campaign that should satisfy the most die hard Final Fantasy fan. As the time of this writing, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Kuji should be available in japan already, obviously, […]

SSSS.GRIDMAN Rikka Takarada Kuji Figure

Hello and welcome everyone to another Hobility Blog post! Today were gonna take a look at not just one, but three Rikka Takarada Kuji figures from Figure Spirits Kuji. But before we get to the review, lets take a look at some backstory, shall we. SSSS.Gridman was originally a live-action tokusatsu show back in 1993, […]

Happy Kuji: Star Wars Saga

Hey everybody, its the new year, and it’s time for new Kuji! This time around we managed to secure ourselves a Star Wars themed Kuji from Happy Kuji. In this Kuji set there are a total of 80 available prizes, 45 of which are figurines, while remainder are an assortment of posters from the Star […]

Ichiban Kuji Musashi Prize Figure Review

Now I’m going to be completely frank with you guys, I’m not the most well-versed when it comes to the Fate series and it’s ever expanding franchise. But there’s no denying the franchise has produced some amazing merchandise in its long history. And Miyamoto Musashi figure has certainly caught my attention. Now to avoid confusion, […]

Ichiban Kuji January 2020

Ichiban Kuji January 2020

Ichiban Kuji Pokemon for you Romantic Dresser (一番くじ Pokémon for you~Romantic Dresser~) Ichiban Kuji One Piece Brother’s Bond (一番くじ ワンピース~兄弟の絆~) Ichiban Kuji Raccoon and Fox Lots of Fruits (一番くじ タヌキとキツネ~くだものがいっぱい~) Ichiban Kuji Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Present collection (一番くじ アニメ カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 ~Present collection~) FIGURE SPIRITS KUJI SSSS.GRIDMAN Takara Rokka (FIGURE SPIRITS KUJI SSSS.GRIDMAN […]