Greetings and salutations, dear reader! its almost that time of the year again: Mother’s Day. A day to celebrate motherhood in all its forms. While the term “mother” generally defines one who birthed us into the world, there’s more to it than that- some aren’t necessarily biological, like step-moms and foster-parents, or even surrogates. Woman who have helped raised us, showed us kindness, warmth and compassion.

 While I can’t say from experience, but I can surely tell that it is no easy job being a mom- even more so for the moms in anime. Mother’s of anime protagonist sure do have it tough. So, it’s rather fitting that we honor these moms in today’s post.

1. Izumi Curtis from Fullmetall Alchemist: Brotherhood

Now, like I’ve mentioned earlier, being a mother doesn’t mean you to have be related by blood, and there’s no greater example of this in anime like Izumi. Having lost her child during childbirth this led Izumi to go to very dark places to get her baby back, even if it meant human transmutation- a taboo in the world of FMA. In doing so, not only did she lose her child a second time, the price for the transmutation was her reproductive organs thus leaving her unable to ever have children again. Perhaps it’s this shared traumatic experience of resurrecting a love one through human transmutation created a bond between her and the Elric brothers. While hesitant at first, she took in the boys and trained them to become stronger in becoming alchemist. Izumi is a tough-as-nails fighter, she’s a naturally caring person, and a mother who willing is to show some tough love to her two boys

2. Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Inko Midoriya

Inko Midoriya, is the very definition is a supportive mom, and by far the most realistic depiction of a mom in anime, and probably what anime moms should strive to be. We see throughout Deku’s journey to becoming a hero, his mom will always be there to support him (morally) and takes great pride his heroic accomplishments. And yes, being a mom of a shonen protagonist can be very stressful, seeing her son face off against immense danger and being put in harms way, she never wavers her support for Deku. With that said, she will never hide her worries and concern from Deku either, even going as far as to chastise his mentor for his lack of safety when called for. She also there to remind the heroes (and us the audience) that’s there’s more to being a hero that self-sacrifice, as there are people like her who need them to come back to. Inko may not be the flashiest of anime moms, but we can all agree she’s a mom every hero needs.

3. Kushina Uzumaki From Naruto

Speaking of moms of shonen protagonist, there’s none more popular and recognizable than Kushina with her tomato-red hair. If Inko Midoriya is a mom who’d support you, Kushina is the mom who’d do anything to protect you. While only having a handful of appearances throughout the series, Kushina’s impact on the series is primarily tied to her sacrifice to protect Naruto from the Nine-Tailed-Beast, which leads to her death. Later in the series, we do get to see Kushina and a grownup Naruto reunite in the spirit world. Many fans have come loved her interactions with her son, negating the Nine-Tails’ influences, before she eventually fades into the afterlife. Like I’ve said, Kushina appears very little in the series, the impact she’s made was huge, and a bigger impression on the fanbase.

4. Bulma from the Dragon Ball Series


Yeah, that’s right, next on our list is none other than Bulma from Dragon Ball! If you’ve ever watched Akira Toriyama’s original Dragon Ball, you’d never have thought that someone like Bulma would be the type to be a mother, and hey, most times that’s often case. Early depictions of Bulma show her as this spoiled brat of rich parents, but over time, her character has matured as the series progresses. Now, you might be wondering, why Bulma and not someone like Chi-Chi or Android 18? The other two moms are great (in their own way), but to me, Bulma is like the modern mom who is able find balance with her career and home life. Despite her hectic and stressful life as corporate woman and wife to the Prince of all Saiyans, and mother to two kids, she manages to make it look effortlessly. She’s not without her flaws as a parent, often being too cavalier with her children’s safety when compared to Chi-chi’s more controlling style. Preferring to be more empathetic, nurturing, and more trusting allowed both Trunks and Bra to blossom on their own.

5. Yor Forger from Spy X Family

Yor is rather unconventional pick for a mother, but it’s rather fitting for an atypical family for the Forgers. Unlike her counterpart Loid who can effortlessly settle into the role of dad, Yor is the opposite. While a trained assassin capable of taking out multiple bad guys with ease, its been proven that being a housewife and mother is can be very challenging for Yor, and doubting herself multiple times in the anime. While the day to day task of being a mother isn’t her strong suit, she has the characteristic of mother, even she doesn’t quite know it herself. Yor truly wants to be caring mother that Anya deserves, going above and beyond to show that her daughter is loved and cared for. This also is also evident in her protective side as well, the moment Anya is in danger, Yor with stop at nothing until her daughter is safe once more and proudly declaring that she is Anya mother with full confidence. Its safe to say that Yor has the right maternal instincts of being mother.

Honorable mention: Marge Simpson from The Simpsons

Marge Simpson

Ok, this kinda cheating a little bit, but still within the realm of animation. I will say this, Marge Simpson is by far the Best Fictional Mom of any medium, surpassing all others. For a total of 33-years, Marge has been mother far longer than most of the characters in anime and cartoons, a stay-at-home mom with the occasional jobs here and there, ranging from published author, a police woman, and mayor of Springfield for a time. Marge is like a loose collective of every personification of mothers out there- pure, empathetic, loving and caring.

Anyways, if I’ve learnt anything from my own mother, parenting is a complicated science with no true definitive answers on the best way to raise a child. Like all mothers, they just want what’s best for us, even if know it or not, whether we wish to admit it or not. So, this Mother’s Day, give your mom a great big hug and tell her you love her.

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