Greetings and salutations, geeks, geekeetes, and otakus out there. I know we’ve talked at nauseum about gashapons last month, but there’s one more thing we need to talk about. And yes, it does tie-in with this month’s theme (somewhat).

Capchara Post

Since we’ve previously talked about chibi figurines- well if you’re really into the toy collecting scene, you’ve most probably come across capchara gashapons before. These capsule toys are one of the more unique gashapons out there as most of the time you’d just discard said capsule one their open, but not here. See, this is the uniqueness of the capchara; the capsule becomes the head or the body of the figure- cool, right?! Additionally, nothing goes to waste here thus making it very eco-friendly.

A majority of the time, the capsules are just heads with the body or limbs inside, take these for example:

Capchara Post

There are few divergences though, like the Gundam heads, Capchara heroines, where you can build a detailed Gundam’s head or have favorite Disney princess. Additionally, there’s some interesting ones from Rillakuma where the whole capsule is covered in a suede material, or some from Sumiko Gurashi where their bottoms become a stamp for you to decorate your art. All in all, these toys are just cute and for chibi aesthetic lover. Sure, not really comparable to some of the other figure we’ve talked about last- A Nendoroid or a Figuart-Mini will blow these capsule toys away, but hey, you have options.  

And just hammer the point home, these things are cheap, costing you at about $4-$5 (USD) per-capsule. Certainly, they’re way more affordable if you’re looking to collect these or want something to easily decorate your workspace. I for one do applaud the creativity and ingenuity put into these little guys, so I do hope we keep seeing more in the future.

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