Greetings and salutations, my geeks and geekettes, and welcome to another Holibility blog post. As spring rapidly approaches, and before the month of March end, I wanna talk about the different brands of gashapons out there. So without further a do, let’s get to it!

Since its inception by Ryuzo Shigeta, the “Gacha Gacha Ojisan,” to the metoroic rise by Bandai in the 1960s. The humble gashapon (toy and machine) has become a hit over the years as many new toys are being produced each month to meet the demands of eager customers. As we all know, gashapon toys come in many various forms from key chains to bobbleheads.  

Bandai Gashapon

As we’ve mention before in the previous blog post, Bandai truly brought these capsule toys to new heights in just a decade after it’s introduction into the market. With the help from Bandai’s own Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Mobile Suit Gundam,they were able to attract fans of these respective shows. According to From Japan Blog, Bandai today produces nearly to 30-40 new gashapon toys lines a month- now that’s dedication. Some of these new gashapon include the Capchara and Gasha Portraits line of toys that have become highly sought after by collectors. 

Takara Tomy

Takara Tomy, a name most commonly associated with trains playsets, diecast miniature cars, and to many, Transformers toys. But with this being a Japanese toy company and all, its no surprise that they’d be in the gashapon making game as well. Their subsidiary Takara Tomy Arts or T-Arts for short, produces gashapon from the latest anime series to iconic Hollywood movies.


Compared to the previous two brands before are vary tame in comparison to Epoch’s. While Epoch certainly does offer the usual array of anime capsule toys as well, but it’s their more eccentric offerings that have captured our attentions more. Some of these figure range from cute like animals making mochi to the macabre like skeleton mascot figurs. So, if you’re into the weird, give this a try. 

Kitan Club

Another one that you can consider on the weird scale is Kitan Club gashapon. Considered as one Japan’s more quirky gashapon companies. This is most likely due to them constantly trying making out of the box idea for their next capsule toy- which you gotta appriciate. On another note, this company is also the one responsible the Putito toys, toys that cling on to the side glass cups. Lastly, their ideas don’t end there as they’ve also come up knitted hats for your cats and dogs into their gashapon. Cool right!?


Next on our list is Bushiroad, a company know for making trading card games (TCG) so it’s a rather no brainer that they’d be making capsule toys too. As of late Bushiroad has been at work making miniatures of popular anime characters and more recently of characters from freemium mobile game Genshin Impact.

Well guys, here is just but a sampling of what’s to offer in the world gashapon, and I’m very sure there’s plenty more out there. If there’s a lesson to take from here is that there’s no idea too absurd be turned into a toy and gashapon is a very lucrative business. So, if you’re ever hankering to scratch that gashapon itch, head on over to any of our stores, and hopefully we got you covered. Untill next time, guys, take care and stay safe out there. 

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