…And we are back! Greetings and salutations, dear reader. This past Halloween was our first ever annual lucky draw event streamed live on our Facebook page. First off, on behalf of the rest of the Hobility crew, we just wanna express our thanks for your continued support, and also for taking part in our lucky draw.

Those of you guys who often frequent our shop or just drop by for a chat have certainly noticed that we’ve been promoting this draw for almost eight-months now. Also, for those with a keen eye would know that we’ve initially planed of announcing the winners last August, but due to Covid and the recent lockdown; we were forced to make some changes. Thankfully, all was not lost, and we were able to move forward. 

Throughout the draw campaign, many of you guys took part, some just for fun and to be apart of, while some were really into it and had multiple entries, so we thank you for making it feel more alive. Second, as the draw was still going on, we’ve enticed with some amazing prizes; a total up to RM10,000 worth in prizes.

Speaking of prizes, which we’ve really got that covered, ranging from capsule toys, plushy-soft-toys, mecha girl model kits from Kotobukiya and E-model, a plethora of figurines, and last but certainly not the least a complete of Ichiban Kuji set! So yeah, we did not skimp out for our prize winners. 

Well guys, this is just a short post, all in all, we just wanna say thank you for taking part in our event, and thank you so much for your continued support during these hard times. Until next time, see ya guys later. Stay safe out there.

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