…And we are back! Greetings and salutations, my comic comrades! So, a few weeks ago we talked about McFarlane Toys’ new line of Spawn’s Universe figures, and you know what, I’ve decided to pick one up for myself. That Figure being the Gunslinger Spawn.

Also, originally, I’ve initially planned on posting this togother with the issue #1 of Gunslinger Spawn which has been delayed, but oh well..

Now for the uninitiated, Gunslinger Spawn first appeared in issue #119 of Spawn in this amazing splash page featuring other Hellspawn. While the character didn’t do much in the story besides looking all cool, readers would later learn of his back story in issues #174 and #175 years after his introduction.

Jeremy Winston, a landowner in the town of Bane was pursued by the wealthy businessman of the town Ed Kemper, who wished to take Jeremy’s land. After not being able to get the land by traditional means, Ed Kemper slaughtered Jeremy’s family and framed Jeremy for their murders. Jeremy was hanged for the crime without a trial, but Mammon, demon of wealth and greed and one of the seven princes of hell, came to him when he was close to death and promised him the power to enact his revenge on Ed Kemper. Jeremy agreed and was transformed into a Hellspawn and killed everyone in town except for one individual asked by Mamon to spare. This individual would be the ancestor of Al Simmons. When Jeremy’s job was complete he descended to hell.

The Gunslinger has been a fan favorite character in the spawn universe since his inception, but in spite of his popularity, he’s only been given two action figures since. So, I for one am glad that he was in this first wave of figures.,

Just looking at the box, you can’t help but to appreciate at how the simple the packaging is. At the front you can clearly see the figure inside in plain view with all of its accessories. Right at the top has this very 90s font saying “From Record Breaking Comic” that gives this nostalgic feeling if you’re a child of the of that time. The sides of the packaging shows the cover of Gunslinger Spawn while the other has the figure’s portrait. Now, the back is very similar, its a very basic promo-shot of the figure, and states 22-points of articulation. To reiterate, I love how simple it is, and I wish toy companies would do this more.

Oh, before I forget, it does come include with basic stand you can attach on the foot, but it’s sealed to the packaging and I don’t wanna ruin the box.

In true McFarlane Toys fashion, they absolutely excel at sculpting. You can definitely see that the torso, the limbs, and the head was given so much attention to detail when sculpting this figure. Like look at those skulls on his ten galloon hat, those pockets around his thighs and his bandolier belt, they’re so well done. Also, this is a staple for Spawn figures, it’s their cape, well in this case it’s Gunslinger’s trench coat which is made of flexible plastic which looks amazing! The coat certainly has this leathery look, and has this swept sculpt that makes it all the more dynamic.

Ok, this is a minor gripe of mine about this figure has to be the guns that just feels so floppy in my hands, and it being made of a bendable plastic (almost rubber) doesn’t help that they come out warped out of the packaging.   

Now, on the subject of articulation, this is not where this figure excels… Despite the box touting a total of 22 points of articulation, and it is there just not executed well. And ya know what, I’m somewhat okay with this as someone who has owned McFarlane action figure in the past, as this was never their selling point, but it was the sculpt and detail instead. So, when you look at the pictures above, it’ll pretty much do the basics of what you need it to do, but you will need a stand to pull that off. 

As for the height, it is 7inch action figure, and I’ve used the MG Barbatos and HG Beyond Global Gundam for reference, so take that with what you will. 

All in all, I have few complaints with this action figure. In spite of the crappy guns, average articulation, the fact that he can’t stand on his own without help… I love this figure, just for the simple fact that in 2021, we’re getting Spawn action figures again. Second, I’ve already gushed about this already, but I’ll say it again, the sculpting and the small details that harken to the early days of McFarlane Toys just made me happy. If you’re into Spawn and are into comic book action figures, I highly recommend you to give these a chance.

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