Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane is back with a new Spawn toyline to coincide with his Spawn’s Universe of comics. According to McFarlane, the aim of the comics is more than just to expand the existing mythos, but to create an expanse of “hundreds” of characters spanning at two-dozen comic book titles. With this, the hope is to allow the characters more room to grow, and stories to continue for years to come.


As mention above this new initiative will bring about a new line of Spawn action figures. While an action figure of the Spawn was previously released under the Mortal Kombat (also from McFarlane), these Spawn’s Universe figures will closely resemble their comic book counterparts. McFarlane has promised the titular character and a multitude of supporting characters with each figure getting unique sculpts and modernized articulation.

With the first wave of figures- consisting of 5 figures in total, these figures are:

 Raven Spawn – 7 Inch Wave 1 – $24.99
 Gunslinger Spawn – 7 Inch Wave 1 – $24.99
 Redeemer – 7 Inch Wave 1 – $24.99
 Clown – 7 Inch DLX – $39.99
 Violator – 7 Inch Mega – $49.99

With the Clown and Violator being the most expensive of the line, the remaining figures going for $25 each, it certainly wont break the bank. Personally, for an almost 2-decade long absence, having Spawn returning in action figure form has me excited and hopeful of the franchise’s future.

If you’re still unsure whether these figures are worth getting take a look at the pictures below showing off the amazing sculpted detail. All credit goes to Toyark for the photos.

Now, here is the question we wanna ask you, would you guys be interested in these figures, and if we at Hobility should start selling them? 

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