… And we are back with another post! Hey everybody, hope you all out there are doing good- Great! So, this past weekend Wonder Festival Shanghai took placed showing off many upcoming figures, model kits, statues, and prototypes. While many of us were unable to go do to travel restrictions, but worry not, for those that did attend have taken loads of pics in our place. So lets take look.

Macott Station - Mazinkaiser , Tekkaman Blade & Pegas

Tron Model - King Granzort

Alphamax x Dimension Hobby - DH Gokin - Grendizer & Steel Jeeg Panzeroid

Eastern Model - Ultraman Suit Zero Ultimate Aegis

Eastern Model - Black Widow & Spider Gwen

Max Factory - Figma - Bunny Suit Planning - Sophia F. Shirring

Apex Toys - Arctech 1/8 - Punishing Gray Raven - Bianca Verity

Wings - Scale Figure 1/7 - Punishing Gray Raven - Liv Luminance Streamer

Innovation Point - Metal Power - Dairenoh, Ohranger Robo

CCS Toys - Gokin - Great Mazinkaiser

Earnestcore Craft - Robot Build - Bird / Binary

Innovation Point - Metal Power - Tekkaman Blade & Tekkaman Evil

Non Zero - Knight of Dark Sky, Cang Guardian, Ghost Servant

Eastern Model - 1/9 Iron Man & Iron Spider

Orange Cat - Code Beast - Hundred Edge

5Pro Studio - Carbotix - Voltron

YCY - King of Fighters 14 - Athena Asamiya, Shinanui Mai, Nakoruru

General Soul - 7 Deadly Sins 1/10 - Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Sloth, Envy, Greed, Wrath

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