…And we’re back! Hey there everybody, we here at Hobility hope you guys are doing well as Malaysia’s in its 3rd M.C.O. and its 2nd iteration of the lockdown. With that said many business and reactional areas have once again been force to temporarily cease operations- that means too, unfortunately. 

With the new strains of the Coronaviruses emerging all around Malaysia, we completely understand the need for another lockdown. And we think now is a perfect opportunity to take a moment to do a quick little remainder of do’s and don’t during this lockdown period and to help reduce the pressure on our front liners.

Coronavirus Prevention Do’s

To help prevent the even further spreadin of COVID-19 in your community, here are some things you can do:

  • Wash your hands frequently for 20+ seconds with soap and water
  • Stay at home and limit contact with others
  • Routinely clean frequently touched spaces in your home
  • Seek medical help if you’re suffering from a fever, cough or difficulty breathing
  • Limit contact with pets and animals

Self-quarantining and social distancing is the best protocol you can follow at this point, especially since many areas are enforcing lockdowns and shelter in place orders.

Stay clean, wash your hands, avoid touching your face and disinfect high-traffic areas around your home as often as you can.

Coronavirus Prevention Don’ts

Make sure you take the precautions to avoid doing each of these things to help prevent the spread of the disease:

  • Limit going to crowded areas such as the grocery stores and markets 
  • Don’t touch your face in public area 
  • Don’t be in close contact with others
  • Don’t ignore symptoms
  • Don’t leave your home, especially if sick

Hopefully with this short guide it’ll help you and your loves ones to better protect yourselves from contracting the virus.

Things You Can Do At Home

Now, we’re pretty sure know this by now that lockdown also means having to stay at home and probably for far longer than what you’re accustomed to (unless you’re and introvert). Well, fortunately, there are activities you can occupy your time with:

1) Clear Up Your Backlog

As lovers of anime, there’s just so much anime any person can watch at any one time. Now with 2-weeks of free time on your hands that should be more than enough to at least clear some of the current seasonal anime this year. 

2) Cleaning the House

Yes, cleaning the house or your room is crucial. With so many of us working long hour a week, we often forget to do some cleaning around the house. Keep your living environment clean is both healthy for mental and physical health during this stay-at-home period. 

3) Staying Active

Ok, this can mean a lot of things, whether it be doing exercise, playing video games, learning how to cook, building gunpla. It doesn’t matter what you do as long some that keeps your mind and body active. The reason why we say this, prolong periods of isolation especially during a lockdown often leads to very negative and dangerous thoughts. 

Alright, before we end this post, we just want to put this out there. Despite the lockdown, we the Hobility crew are still working hard ensuring you, our reader/customer, that our services are still open for business. We are very much active on social media pages like Facebook we often do live streams. And if you think Facebook is too old for, there’s also our Instagram where we often post updates of new and upcoming releases from Japan.

Lastly, we are keeping optimistic on this lockdown will end soon, but just in case, you guys can always visit us our official website and Shopee store to get your dose anime goodies.

Okay guys, stay safe, stay active, stay healthy. We love you.

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