…. And we’re back! This time we’re gonna be looking at Eastern Model’s 1/9 scale Iron Man model, and more specifically the MK-LXXXV (MK-85) from Mavel’s Avengers: Endgame. In this review we’re gonna cover the build, articulation, and gimmicks that comes included in this model kit.

So, without any further ado, lets begin and ASSEMBLE!!!

Build & Assembly

Okay, I’m just gonna say this right outta the bat alright, Eastern Model is a China based company, and whatever preconceived notions you might’ve had about Chinese bootleg model kits out the window! Like the 1/6 scale Ultraman kits before, this is a fully licensed product with approval from the House of Mouse (Disney) themselves, so have no fear.

Now with that said and out of the way, this model kit certainly packs a of runners, and the most noticeable difference from the box has got to be the glossy red paint and gold… sadly though, the red runner is just a regular semi-dark red, but worry not, the gold has been pre-painted for you and does makes things a little bit easier.

As I’ve said just now, there’s a huge runner count in the box, and you’ll probably be doing a lot of runner hopping as you’re build this kit- this is not a  bad thing really. What I mean by that is, with more parts means, more color/part separation as this clearly shows on the kit as there’s inlays of golds and silvers throughout.

Another positive aspect of this that I have to commend has got to be the fitting on this kit. I’m not entirely sure as to what Eastern Model has done to improve their quality control, but this has to be the easiest kit I’ve assembled from them. Every peg went went where it should, every port fitted without issue, and didn’t have to resort any excessive force like their previous offerings. Furthermore, my thumbs and nails are grateful of this (less swelling and broken nail)….  


As with any action figures of the modern age, good articulation is certainly a must- even on model kits. This Iron Man is no slouch either. Eastern Model have managed to adapt the engineering of their 1/6 Ultraman and downsize it to fit within the MK-85, allowing as much mobility for a guy in a suit of armor.

For a more specific look, the kit uses smartly placed balljoints and hinges to allow greater movement. The head and neck are connected by ball joints and ball hinge giving Iron Man the ability to straight for flying pose. Additionally, the upper torso, ab section, and waist use ball joints as well as this allows for more for fluid rotation and tilting.

For arm movement, the shoulders are connected to torso via hinged ball joint  with a butterfly joint in the torso. This gives the figure a wide range motion, to move in almost all directions. Also, 360° rotation at the bicep and a double jointed elbow for good measure.

While on the lower portion is impressive as well. To allow greater movement, the waist has a drop-down feature for the legs to extend. Additionally, the sides skirts are on hinges so to not collide. Lastly, the basics are here to such a rotation at the upper thigh, a double jointed knee, and an average articulation at the knee.

Sadly though, the one negative in this portion has to be the wrist section. This is mostly due to the implementation of the LED gimmick. While Eastern Model have provided an abundant of hand options to mitigate this, but keep falling off whenever you try to adjust them. They had a good idea, just lacking in execution.

Accessories & Gimmicks

Whether you bought this model kit for play or display, there’s no doubt you’d want to arm your Iron Man with some weapons, and Eastern Model did not disappoint in that regard. It’s got repulsors, an arm-cannon, a laser mounted backpack, an energy sword (sorry if got the names wrong as there’s info given). 

This kit also made some good uses with their implementation of the LED gimmicks. This is very evident as how much they were able pack such as in the head, chest, the back pack, and in the arms. Additionally, they’ve made activating them much more accessible, as an example: the chest LED uses a spring, the user merely has to tap the chest for it to light up.

The last two accessories included in this packaged are the blast effects and an action base. This is a very welcome addition as the effect parts make posing more dynamic, and the display base is a must if you want your Iron Man posing off the ground.  


Now with all the talking outta the way, the inevitable question is “Are You Going To Buy This?”. With the amount of stuff that you’re getting, and the price that it charges at about RM279 or $68 USD, this Iron Man is a steal! For PlaMo builders this is certainly something new for you to try on and an opportunity to paint it real nice. While general Iron Man or Avvengers fans might feel a little discourage at this being a model kit, but I do urge you to give it a try as this certainly belong in your collection. 

If you’re in the market for one, you can get yours here.

And here is a little preview of our next, so keep an for that.

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