Back in late 1968, two years after the release and success of the original Ultraman tv sereis, Tsuburaya Productions along with the Tokyo Broadcasting System, aired the sequel series Ultraseven. Ultraseven marks the third in series overall (if you include Ultra Q) and much like the original, still follows the same concepts of its predecessor. The series follows the adventures of Dan Moroboshi (portrayed by  Kohji Moritsugu), the human host Ultraseven inhabits throughout the series as they combat alien threats alongside with the Ultra Gaurd. 

Now, fast forward several decades later, with the reimagined Ultraman manga written by Eiichi Shimizu and illustrated Tomohiro Shimoguchi. The manga serves as more of a direct sequel to original 1966 Ultraman tv series, and ignoring all the in-universe lore set up by other Ultra series that came after- thus giving a the Ultraman title a modern spin and opening opportunities to a new generation of fans. 

In this reimagined version, Dan Moroboshi is a member of SSSP and is the wearer of the Ultraman Suit Ver. 7. Differences to his original counterpart are quite noticable, early in the manga, readers were told that Dan is an alien instead of a human or a host to an alien. Another difference being his personality often being cynical and somewhat insensitive (almost making him a kudere)


One of the major departures from the original series that the manga employs is the use of the Ultraman Suits, a power armor of sort- almost similar to Marvel’s Iron Man’s armor. While initial response to the change was rather mix, but over time, the Ultramen suits have gradually became more popular, especially newer fans of the series.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the history lessen outta the way, we can finally talk about the Eastern Model model kit, more specifically the Ultraman Suit Ver. 7.3.

Okay, these model kit by Eastern Model is from China, lets get out of the bat first. Second, don’t let that bit deter you from getting this kit. Believe me when I say this, this kit has more pros that outweigh the cons. As this version of the kit is the metallic painted version, makes it perfect for those who prefer to snap build their model kits with minimal efforts. The runners are undergated, meaning this makes them easier when removing them from the tree- preventing the paint from scratching. The added metallic paints adds premium feeling to kit, making less of a toy and more of collector’s item. This particular version will set you back RM459 or $114 American.

Fret not, there’s a cheaper option with the unpainted version that’ll only cost RM329 or $82 American. This version is perfect for those who want custom paint their kits, and make improvements. 


As you can see below, once assembled, the overall height of the kit is that of 30cm, making is close to Hot Toys scale. When compared next to Bandai’s 1/12 scale version, it’s literally dwarf standing next to the Eastern Model kit.

The kit is no slouch either in the accessories department. A total of seven pair hands (counting the fist) and with another pair exclusively for holding the katana. Other accessories include two Spacium Katanas with the scabbards, two EX-Riffles along with its back holster. The only thing different when comparing with Bandai’s is the Spacium Crusher. I’m not entirely sure why this was change from the original Spacium Cannons like in the manga to the previously mention Crusher.

With size and bulk of the kit, Eastern Model have managed to this to their advantage. For one they were able to include LED functionality into the Ultraseven. Even though the LED gimmick may be simple in design, but that extra bit of detail does make it a bit more premium, and sweetened the deal, batteries are included.

Other gimmicks include moving panels all around Ultraseven, some serve more for function when it come to articulation, others for exposing thrusters. 

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