New Kuji for August 2020 (Part 2)

Hey all and welcome back to the second part of August Kuji preview. In this post we’re gonna show you the remaining there Kuji sets as promised. The sets are from Pokemon, Kentai Collection, and Evangelion.

Pokemon Collection: Pikachu's Forest's

Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise returns again, with it’s cute electric rodent, Pikachu, taking center stage. Just like the previously released Eevee set, this one focus on soft toys as opposed to figurines. A total of 66 prizes available. 


2020 Pokemon Collection Kuji ~ Pikachu's Forest~
2020 Pokemon Collection Kuji ~ Pikachu's Forest~

The first two prizes are plushies. Both with Pikachu resting or sleeping.

The net  prizes are more practical, and very usable for daily life. The prizes range from a storage chest to vanity chest, and the ever present in most kuji sets, TOWELS!!!!

Kantai Collection: I want to play in the pool

A kuji during the summer season wouldn’t be complete without a set based on the beach, at a hot spring, or in this year’s Kentai’s set, its at a pool! There’s a total 80 prizes here, let’s take a look.

Let’s start of with the A Prize (because duh…!), and this really something different. As opposed to the usual figures, we get a bust Shigure Kai. If you’re unsure what a bust, we’ve got you covered. A bust is a sculpted or cast representation of the upper part of the human figure, depicting a person’s head and neck.

Both B and C prizes are something more normal, they’re a couple of figures. The B figure is Suzaya in her beach attire while C is Pola in her beach attire as well.

Prizes D and E are a poster and a pancho (parka?).

The next two next two are prizes are shot glasses and clear acrylic posters.

The last prize we’re gonna take a look from this set which are the ever adorable mini-figures. There are secret characters that have yet to be revealed.

Shin Evangelion Movie- First Unit, Sortie

The last set gonna take a look at is from the popular mecha anime from the mid 90s, Evangelion. As mention in the header, this set is based on the new movie. As per usual with most kujis, it comes with 80 tickets, 80 chances to win.

Shin Evangelion Movie Version- First Unit, Sortie! ~
Shin Evangelion Movie Version- First Unit, Sortie! ~

Like the Kentai kuji above, the A prize is somewhat different. The figure this time is the Shini Ikari’s Eva Unit 1.

Prize B to D are figures of the main heroines of the series, Asuka, Rei, and Mari respectively.

Prizes E and F are just illustration art.

Shin Evangelion Movie Version- First Unit, Sortie! ~
Shin Evangelion Movie Version- First Unit, Sortie! ~

The last few remaining prizes are a towel, a notebook, and some clear files!

Final Prize

Here are the Final Prizes for each of the respective sets.

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