Calling all Gunpla Builders, Universal Century fans, both from the Federation and Zeon! We here at Hobility are will be bringing Gundam’s 40th Anniversary Ichiban Kui set, which is of course from Bandai, duhhhhh.

I know this practice is certainly nothing, obviously this is Bandai we’re talking about. Nevertheless, this Kuji set promises some new limited edition exclusives.

As of the time of this writing, the planned release date is set for late September 2020, so he’re hoping there’s no delays. Additionally, the set number of each prize has yet to be released. Now, let’s get to the prizes, shall we.

A Prize

The prize on our list is the Master Grade RX-0 Unicorn. Judging from the picture its the OVA version of the Unicorn instead of the Var.Ka. This Kui exclusive offers clear parts, thus allowing the inner frames to show through.

B Prize

Second on the list we have the Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam which uses the 2.0 version of the mold. Just like past Gundam Kujis’ this also includes clear parts that exposes the inner frame.

C and D Prizes

The next two prizes are the RX-78 and the Unicorn just in their SD (Super Deformed) modes respectively. These are the Ex-Standard version of SD, meaning these do not have an inner frame like newer SDs. Lastly, they will be molded in clear plastic.

E and F Prizes

Just like the previous prizes, this one is no exception, they’re molded in clear plastic. These two prizes are again the RX-78 Gundam under their new Entry Grade line of kits. The major difference is that one in solid clear, while the other is in the G3 Gundam colors.

G Prize

Our last plamo prize is the Haros’ done in clear plastic. So far, we’re not sure of the colors since Bandai has yet to release any images.

H and I Prizes

The last two tier of prizes are the obligatory small prizes. These prizes are the glass plate and clear files. Like as stated above, there’s still images yet, so here are some place holder for example from the last Gundam Kuji.

Final Prize

The Final prize for this set is a Master Grade RX-78 Gundam Ver.20. But wait, unlike the B prize mentioned earlier, this version has it’s clear parts in reversed. As there still no images (again), we can merely speculate at this moment.

We’ll keep updating on this post as more images are released.

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