Hey all! It’s really been a whole minute since we’ve had a new Kuji set available at the shop, but fear not, we’ve three new upcoming sets on the way. So without wasting any anymore time, let’s see what’s in store, yeah

Ichiban Kuji: Pokemon: Eevee and Floral Candy

First on our list is the Pokemon: Eevee and Floral Candy set. Like the name of the Kuji suggest, this set focuses on the fox-like Pokemon, Eevee.

The set has a total 7 prize types, ranging from plushies, cushions, to keychains

Dragon Ball: History of Rivals

Second on our list is something Dragon Ball fans would enjoy. The History of Rivals set was originally meant to released last March, but due to the pandemic, it was delayed. Thankfully, its here now.

Yeah, Dragon Ball Kujis are very common, and are released quite often, but the biggest surprise is the character Yamcha.


Lastly, we a set from My Hero Academia. This set also coincides with the Android/iOS game, Smash Rising. The set includes the obligatory trio of Deku, Bakugo, & Todoroki as the first 3 prize figure.

Now, the thing that caught my attention was the Lemillion, who was heavily featured in our las My Hero Kuji set but had no figure at all. What’s more, the Last Prize is an alternate of the Lemillion figure.

Well, that’s all for now. If you guys are interested in getting these, you can always come visit our stores in Sungei Wang, 1Utama and/or in Bangsar. If by any chance you’re unable to leave the house, you can join our weekly livestreams on our Facebook page.

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