Hello and welcome everyone to another Hobility Blog post! Today were gonna take a look at not just one, but three Rikka Takarada Kuji figures from Figure Spirits Kuji.

But before we get to the review, lets take a look at some backstory, shall we. SSSS.Gridman was originally a live-action tokusatsu show back in 1993, then into a short ova series, before turning into a full anime revival in 2018.

Now for some, you’re probably wondering what does the “SSSS” in the title stands for, right? Well it means “Special Signature to Save a Soul” and is a clever nod to the American adaptation; “Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad”

Ok, enough of the babling, lets get review going, ITS GRIDMAN TIME!

First off were gonna take a look at this version first, which I’m just gonna refer this as the default figure for Rikka, and a quick glance this Rikka figure is certainly well made. Also, all of her visual ques are there, from her oversize sweater, the orange scrunchy on the wright arm, a hand in her pocket, and most important of all: her THICC thighs! Furthermore, all of the paint seems to be on point, with no series issues to speak of.

As for the over variant, there’s very little change compared to the default Rikka. The only major change is the position of her right arm. As you can clearly see, the variant Rikka has her right arm extended out, is seen holding her note book instead of her cellphone.

Genrally, this version is rather lazy in my opinion. I’d rather they’d give us a version of Rikka with a ponytail instead…

Now, for the 2nd variant version is virtually identical to the default, with changes to the paint scheme. In this version Rikka is in Akane Shinjo’s colors.


Overall, this Rikka Takarada figure is just fine, and a lack of a better word, the figure is basic. With that said, basic isn’t entirely bad. This figure should satisfy the average figure collector or Gridman fan. Now, if you’re interested in getting one of your own, just click here.

Before I end this post, we here at Hobility will be bringing in the Akane Shinjo Kuji later in March of 2020, so be on the look out, y’all!

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