A few weeks back in our previous post we talked about the Star Wars Saga Kuji from Happy Kuji, but today we’re gonna take a look at some Star Wars gashapon toys.

When one thinks of Star Wars, there’s often a few that come to mind; those being lightsbers, Darth Vader, the Jedi, but I’m here to talk about Stormtroopers. The backbone of the Galactic Empire, the Stormtroopers, have become a mainstay in popculture.

Ok, enough babbling, let’s get straight to the figures, shall we.

Each of these figures measure roughly around 5cm or 4 inches in height. Also, the paint and sculpt ain’t all that bad, which is just black and white. There are a total of 6 design to collect, and some have a very practical function to them.

Overall, they’re really fun to mess and fiddle around with.

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