Hey everybody, its the new year, and it’s time for new Kuji! This time around we managed to secure ourselves a Star Wars themed Kuji from Happy Kuji.

In this Kuji set there are a total of 80 available prizes, 45 of which are figurines, while remainder are an assortment of posters from the Star Wars Saga.

To go more in depth, prizes #1-#10 are scale figures, #21-#25 are scale figures with a backdrop. The scale figures consist of major characters from all there Star Wars trilogies. Each figure comes in around 9cm to 10cm tall. I there’s anything else to add, the people at Happy Kuji did an amazing job in capturing their likeness in a small size.

While prizes #11-#20 are Bearbricks, and if I’m being completely honest here, the Bearbricks are worth getting. Each Bearbrick seems to have been given a Star Wars make over. I mean, this C3-PO Bearbrick has a complete gold coating, this just shows that Happy Kuji does’t skimp out on quality.

Now, a Kuji set wouldn’t be complete without a few traps! Relax, I jest. The remainder are posters; but posters printed on good quality paper, not to mention, these designs are really amazing. Take a look at some of the designs below, like Rey and Kylo Ren on model runners.

Lastly, we’ve reached the end of our Star Wars Kuji adventure! The Final Prize to whoever completes the set wins themselves a set of commemorative pins. Furthermore, these pins are stored in this suede box, it just makes it look all the more premium. Once open, you’re treated to this diagram of the main Star Wars characters.

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