Now I’m going to be completely frank with you guys, I’m not the most well-versed when it comes to the Fate series and it’s ever expanding franchise. But there’s no denying the franchise has produced some amazing merchandise in its long history. And Miyamoto Musashi figure has certainly caught my attention.

Now to avoid confusion, I didn’t really win it through Kuji. Rather, I just bought it on my last toy hunt.

This Musashi figure scales within the 1/7 figures, and will surely fit well with other Fate series figures in that scale. When it comes to her appearance, she’s definitely based on her stage 3 costume from Fate/Grand Order. Furthermore, all her intricate details on her costume has been faithfully reproduced.

Speaking of intricate details, as you can see below, every minute detail painted in. From flowers on her obi to colored accents throughout. They sure didn’t skimp on the finer details

When it comes to accessories, the figure doesn’t really come with much. Accessories include a pair of katanas and a clear pink display base. Furthermore, her katanas have this semi-transparent flames along each o her blade. Colored red and blue receptively.

In summary, this figure is definitely a looker! If you’re fan of the character or just like anime girls with katanas, get this. Also, considering that this an Ichiban Kuji, it certainly rivals most premium statue figures out there.

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