Mashu is one of the main protagonist from Fate Grand Order. the character is often referred as “kouhai” (junior) by players and even the masters. In other cases such as in illustrator RYO’s art, she had a chibi body with a purple tint which earned her the nickname “nasu” (eggplant) servant.

This figure was apart of the Ichiban Kuji Fate/Grand Order Busou Kanryou set that was released earlier this year by Bandai. Other prizes included in Kuji included character cards from the Fate/Grand Order franchise, keychains, a silicon mold with chibified faces o certain characters on it.

The Mashu figure is based on her Ortenaus costume. Her armor is much more covered compared to her previous outfits.

The figure accurately describe the character without sacrificing any details. The base and shield is filled-in and is resistant to weight which does not easily cause stress marks and the armor itself is glued on piece by piece to mimic the layering proportions of a real armor, rather than a full piece of plastic.

Overall, the figure is on par with many premium figure, just lacking in its small size and plain colors. Exception of those, it really stands out as an independent character for the collection as it is also the first and only figure of Mashu in her Battle Armor to be released.

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