Hey there, everyody!  Now, since this little blog of ours is somewhat new and all, we all here at Hobility are still in the midst of planning the content schedule, I thought of sharing with y’all what I got on my last toy hunt.

This little figma here is Emily, she’s the 416th (not including the event exclusives) figma figure released by Max Factory. I got her rather cheap for only $38, that’s about RM160- it was a no brainer for me; I instantly bought it, no hesitation.

The figure comes packaged in the standard figma box.

The contents of the box include: the figure herself with a height of 13 and a quarter centimeters; the basic figma accessories such as a display stand, three extra sets of hands along the hand rack, a spare wrist joint, and a ziplock baggie to store all your accessories in.

Figma Emily uses a slender body type mold with her swimsuit colored in navy. Since she doesn’t have any complicated molding and sculpting, articulation on the figure is more superb. With nothing impeding her articulation, you can get here into some expressive poses. Combined with the added display base, you can get some decent aerial poses as well.

The head is connected to a double ball joint, thus giving her plenty movement in the head. Capable of moving front to back, side to side pivot, and 360° rotation.

Double jointed arms with connected at the shoulders, capable of doing just about everything you can think of.

A single jointed elbow that can almost do a 180° bend and rotate 360°.

Ball jointed wrist that can rotate and swivel.

A ball jointed upper torso that rotate slightly and pivot side to side.

An ab crunch at the waist.

The legs are on universal hips connected via ball pegs, they kick all the way up, move back slightly. Move out almost 90°, and a slight rotation at the thigh.

A single joint at the knee, almost 180° bend and capable 360° rotation.

Ball jointed ankles, moves front to back, side to side pivot.

One major negative aspect about the figure has to be the lack of additional faces- you’re pretty much stuck with the default expression but it’s to be expected with its low price point.

Now to drive the point home, figma Emily is a figure worth getting if you’re willing to put in some extra effort into it, like getting some 1/12 scale clothes, weapon accessories, etc, the possibilities are endless, guys. See, the figure’s true potential is only unlocked through customization, and I think the people at Max Factory knew this too, as the figure acts as base to build upon. Or another option is to do a simple head swap with you’re already existing female figmas. Though do be warned, some heads do work while others do not, so results may vary.

Now I for one am truly satisfied with my purchase, but the real question here is- are you gonna buy this?

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